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Hi Guys!

Where can i find support for this translatr tool? I tried to use it on Tomb Raider Trilogy (Ps3) but i got crash. I tried with "be" option too, but same result.
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When is this thread gonna be updated?

I started a translation project for Underworld years ago but gave it a break after. But now, I just wanna continue but there are some flaws. I mean this software is great tool (and maybe the only). However, I wish there was a tool which exports all the text files and imports them easily. I just don't want to publish a Language Pack of 300 MB which doesn't even support my language's own fonts. That's what makes it poor quality.

Some guys somehow manages to make language packs within very small file sizes and I'm not that advanced yet.
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Originally Posted by zagraz View Post
Some guys somehow manages to make language packs within very small file sizes and I'm not that advanced yet.
Use the xdelta utility

Example: TRL_Traducao_Instalar.7z Size: 764 KB that's all it takes to translate the game Tomb Raider: Legend into my language (Brazilian portuguese)

In the example above I use a .bat file to modify multiple "bigfile" files
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Sorry to bump an oldie but this tool is in my sights.

My next idea after trying to draw different lang subtitles simultaneously, is to extract languages and merge into one string. Ie Japanese lang but add the English line after each Japanese string so it all draws together under one subtitle lang selection. (I'm pro study haha) the font table is all in one image language so theres no reason it shouldn't work.

I've managed to rip the bigfile and translations.xml however it ends at the beginning Japanese string after all the english I'm guessing maybe an encoding glitch? I tried with -be and no difference.
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