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Default If you were a Lead Level Designer of Core Design...

Let's imagine you are the Lead Level designer of Core Design and you are really good at your job - you are the Lead level designer from Tomb Raider I to Tomb Raider Chronices and you are currently planning the level structures of some levels.

What structural changes would you make in some Levels?

For me it's these:

Tomb Raider 3 - Jungle:
I would omit the huge slide at the beginning. it's ridiculous long and doesnt serve any purpose except maybe killing unaware players.
Instead i would make the start similar to TR2 with a helicopter but lara lands in the deep jungle instead of a cave. A similar start to temple ruins with the snakes.

Tomb Raider 3 - Madubu Gorge:
Overall i would keep the structure, but get rid of the traps within the kayak route. It's impossible to avoid damage in this route.
Instead of that huge Plug to reveal temple of Puna, i would use the huge Waterfall area as the goal. Maybe doing something like in TR1's lost valley. Stop the water flow to reveal the temple.
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Less crawlspaces in TR4
Fixing the London Levels (Location wise to make better transition)
Fleshing out TR5 a little bit more and focusing on fixing bugs (VCI)
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This is great thread for long time

I would like to improve gameplay difficulties in all five games, allows you to choose either easy, medium, hard, Extreme and The True Tomb raidering.

Also I would like to add first person view while playing Lara croft in the game (similar to Mirror edge) That would be pretty damn cool.

Each game I would add bonus feature for example, Time Trial mode for each level that you have to beat the time before it runs out. Also same as Tomb Raider runners for best time.

Each game I would add stats, like PS3 Trophies, certain task you have to do in the game to order unlock the trophie display. That would be fun. For example, complete the level without dying or complete the level without taking a damage or complete the level without using any of weapon or complete the whole game under difficulty setting as The True Tomb raidering with dual pistol and so on.

Each game can be unlock for soundtrack, art gallery, behind of the scene making Tomb Raider and playable early stage of alpha and beta mode with podcast in the background.

I could go on, there is so much to add but I don't have time right now.
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I would oppose the publisher and hire better programmers for a TR1 sequel for better RAM/data handling. Think of a TR4/TR5 quality game a sequel to TR1!

Now to the gameplay: all the new moves up till Chronicles is included in this game called Tomb Raider II.

This game is a mix between TRIII levels and TR4 levels (TRIII London + TRIII South Pacific + TR4 Alexandaria + TR4 Giza) with a new interesting plot combining it all. The first level could take place in a museum where Lara finds the Amulet of Horus. This amulet is different from the TR4 one. To start Set’s apocalypse, one needs to read the inscriptions of the amulet carefully. When she learns the consequences of her actions, she researches the cure to the apocalypse and finds out that an explorer that raided a tomb in Egypt took a rather needed artifact carelessly and went on his next adventure to the South Pacific only to be killed by the natives. After retrieving the said artifact Lara goes to Egypt to open Cleopatra’s palaces with it and so on... She gets stuck under the Temple of Horus and is presumed dead.

Chronicles happen, only with a rather satisfying ending. Her mentor Von Croy, who’s guilty because he was the one that sparked Lara’s interest in archaeology (no rivalty), finds her unconscious after the diggings...

That’s would be a lovely trilogy now. ^.^
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Originally Posted by TR-Freak View Post
Tomb Raider 3 - Jungle:
I would omit the huge slide at the beginning. it's ridiculous long and doesnt serve any purpose except maybe killing unaware players.
Instead i would make the start similar to TR2 with a helicopter but lara lands in the deep jungle instead of a cave. A similar start to temple ruins with the snakes.
I 100% agree with this. It's a fun idea but it should've been implemented further into the level when the player has gotten used to the scheme of things.
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I think the long slide could've been fun if they had incorporated more platforming into it. Sort of like a Great Pyramid type thing but instead of going up, you're going down. They ould've placed the spikes in a way that forces you to do more maneuvring, maybe could've added a small path off to the side that you need to reach to pull a lever that retracts some of the spikes you wouldn't be able to jump over,...
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Less MP5 Ammo in Tr3/Lost Artefact and more Shotgun ammo.

Place the dual pick-ups in AOD's levels.

Actually play-test Red Alert.

Remove the various ways 13th Floor can be sorta made unwinnable without spamming medpacks to deal with the invincible turrets and give Lara her duals during VCI.

As for more signifficant changes.

Give AOD's levels a few more alternate paths, probably fix up that deleted alternate route in the training level as part of it.

Replace the jumping from rope to rope bit from Last Revelation (can't remember which level it was specificly) with just some regular platforming.

Make the Jeep travel on a different path from Lara (maybe its on a ledge she can't reach or something.) and make it impossible for Lara to overtake it.
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I'd delete Lud's Gate and pretend it never existed

and barkhang, bye
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Tomb Raider 3:
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There was this one area in TR4 where you have to do a bunch of convoluted tasks like move a dead body and so forth so Lara can get into a crawlspace that is literally just one click high and they were too lazy to make an animation for. I'd get rid of that whole nonsense

In Tomb Raider 5, when Lara opens shelves and closets, I would keep them open so you know which ones you searched already (or make it so Lara cannot open them again).

I would add NUMEROUS cameras that show which doors were opened when you pull a switch, because they were just plain lazy about that.

I would make it so you cannot target friendly NPCs like the monks.

I would take out Lud's Gate because its a mess.

For Angel of Darkness I would have just made the Parisian part a small city square like area instead one one with winding streets and alleys.

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