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Default TRNG - Large Scorpion dropping a pickup

This tutorial was made by justin from trle.net forums.
He allowed me to post it here in our tutorials section so the info won't get lost.
Thank you for sharing!


Hi everyone!

So I know this has always been a weird issue with TR4: the Big Scorpion can't hold an item to be dropped. Franky asked me what the problem is, and I remembered that it was the way it is. But I knew there must be a way around it.

I'm not sure if anyone else has toyed with this, but I found a solution:

Place your big scorpion and take note of its ID.
For me it is ID 837.

Place the item you want him to "hold" somewhere hidden from sight and take note of its ID.
My item ID is 838.

Add a triggergroup in your script for "Scorpion is dead",
(or use a globaltrigger for enemy is dead if you like):
TriggerGroup= 110, $9000, 837, $E

; Set Trigger Type - Condition 14
; Exporting: Condition(14:62) for Object(837)
; <#> : Scorpion ID 837 in sector
; <&> : Creature. <#>Creature is currently (E)
; (E) : Enemy is dead
; Values to add in script command: $9000, 837, $E
Next up, the fun part, a trigger to grab the position of the scorpion, and then to move the puzzle item to said position:
TriggerGroup= 111, $5000, 837, $37, $5000, 838, $39
  • $5000, 837, $37 saves the position of an item's x, y, z room info to a Variable, in this case: Store LongA
  • $5000, 838, $39 moves an item to the stored position of Store LongA (centering the item correctly)

; Set Trigger Type - Action 55
; Exporting: Trigger(55:62) for Action(837)
; <#> : Scorpion ID 837 in sector
; <&> : Variables. Save the position of <#>Moveable from (E)Store Variable (x,y,z,room)
; (E) : Store Long A
; Values to add in script command: $5000, 837, $37
; Set Trigger Type - Action 57
; Exporting: Trigger(57:62) for Action(838)
; <#> : Puzzle Item ID 838 in sector
; <&> : Variables. Move <#>Moveable to position saved from (E)Store Variable (center)
; (E) : Store Long A
; Values to add in script command: $5000, 838, $39
Then we just add the Global Trigger to make it happen, and we have all of this in the script:
TriggerGroup= 110, $9000, 837, $E ; Scorpion is dead
TriggerGroup= 111, $5000, 837, $37, $5000, 838, $39 ; Save position of scorpion, move item to saved position
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