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Originally Posted by knightgames View Post
That's terrible news I hope that things can go well, given the circumstances. Good luck to you both
I'm bored to death of all my games, I need something new. I think I'll buy a couple used ones later this week. Maybe the Sly Cooper collection, and Undead Nightmare. I'd like to get Injustice, but not for 40+ dollars :/

/What trivial commentary
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I feel fine, just a little tired
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How did I get from tomato soup to cabbage roll stuffing? ( no meat) I am... i have no idea
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Linoshi Croft
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In your own way, at your own pace, pulling through.
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Kind of drunk. Sobering up!!!
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Ora Dagger
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Bored and hot
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Mary CF
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On the cusp of "so tired I wanna/am gonna pass out"... but not quite. Couldn't sleep last night.

First day at the lab is mostly ok. I'm sure it will get better as I go along. It's nice to get paid to be at my university daily, as opposed to paying to be at my university.

@.@ ...need caffeine.
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sierra xb
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still feel like my usual crappy self, and the heat is just making it worse. It seems to suck up every last bit of energy that i had ( which isn't that much to begin with).

On the good news side though, i might finally have a possible job. I met a couple the other day who have a couple of gold mining claims over in the next county, and they asked if i would survey the claims for them. I told them about my health limitations, and that mining geology wasn't really my speciality, but they said it was ok and that they still wanted a professional opinion
I KNEW I should have brought demon-chasing shoes.
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I feel overstimulated
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Sunburned... can't wait to become half reptile in a few days...
Face and defeat your Guilt
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