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Default TRNG - TR2 Springboards

TR2 springboard

This setup mimics the spingboards found in the TR2 levels “Ice Palace” and “Temple of Xian”.

So by following the steps described below you will have a springboard that will send Lara flying almost straight up into the air!

The original discussion regarding the TR2 springboards can be found HERE.
I used the info from this thread to make my own setup for the springboard and this setup is what is described in this tutorial.

This setup uses a custom set of animations which can be downloaded here:

The original TR2 springboard object can be found here:
The wad contains both versions and the original TR2 sounds.

Getting the animations in the LARA object
The animations are in .trw format so they need to be added to the LARA objects manually, using WADMerger Animation Editor.
  1. Load your levelwad in WADMerger.
  2. Select the LARA object and click the Animation Editor button.
  3. The .trw files have animation numbers 591, 593 and 594 and the pictures below also show the setup when using these slots. A default LARA object only has 444 animations. There is no need to add that many new animation slots though. You can also use animation slots 445, 446 and 447 for this setup. Or whatever other slots.
  4. To add new slots to the list of animations, click the Add button next to the list with animations. Create three new slots this way.
  5. Assuming you are also going to use slots 591, 593 and 594, import 591_start.trw in slot 591, 593_flyingup.trw into slot 593 and 594_grabbing.trw into slot 494.
    To import the animations, go to the Animation dropdown menu and select “Import (replace)” from the list and then select the .trw you want to import.
Btw, the “start” animation is just one frame long. Lara immediately moves on to the “flyingup” animation and the height and distance of her jump is determined by the Set Grab Position values in the “start” animation.

Once you have imported all three animations, please check the below screenshots to make sure all the settings are copied correctly.

Change the number for Next Anim in the “start” animation and in the StateID Changes of the “flyingup” animation, in case you are using other slots for the springboard animations!

Getting it to work in the level

Copy animating13 or animating14 into your wad.

Make sure you use one of the non-collision slots to make sure Lara can run over the springboard properly. Or, if those slots are already filled, click on the Disable Collision button after copying the springboard to another slot. This to make sure the collision is disabled for sure.

Now go into the editor and place the springboard object.
Texture the tile is sits on with the light grey colour from the colour palette so you don’t get any shimmering of overlapping textures.

On the tile below the springboard place the following triggers:
1. PAD-trigger for trigger F170, to force the "start" animation for Lara
 ; Set Trigger Type - FLIPEFFECT 170
; Exporting: PAD(591:0) for FLIPEFFECT(170) {Tomb_NextGeneration}
; <#> : Lara. (Animation) Force <&>Animation for Lara, set new StateId
; <&> : Animation=   591
; (E) : 	
; Values to add in script command: $2000, 170, $24F
The PAD-trigger is needed so Lara is only shot into the air when touching the springboard.

2. a regular trigger to force animation1 of the springboard
 ; Set Trigger Type - ACTION 15
; Exporting: TRIGGER(271:0) for ACTION(1065) {Tomb_NextGeneration}
; <#> : ANIMATING15                ID 1065   in sector (5,4) of Room86
; <&> : Force (E) animation (0-31) for <#>object 
; (E) :    1 Animation
; Values to add in script command: $5000, 1065, $10F

For this second trigger to work, you do need to activate the springboard first!
Easiest way to do this is to place a trigger for it underneath Lara, where she starts the level.
If you are familiar with scripting you could also use an ItemGroup/ TriggerGroup + single-shot GlobalTrigger in the script.

That’s it.
Have fun jumping around.

You can adjust the Set Grab Position values in the “start” animation to something else if you want her to go up higher/lower or further forwards.

If you do adjust the Set Grab Position to make Lara perform a big jump forwards, you may want to use different animations for that jump. (also see the video by Ranpyon in the discussion thread.)
These animations are not included in this tutorial.
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