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Prinz Eugen
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Another 2 in the oil fields

Lucky ship? ...Could it be that you're mocking me?
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Sad Lara ;(

Click image for full size.
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It was really fun getting out of this place.

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That image is huge. We're a bit more lenient on image sizes in 'showcase' threads such as this, but this one is stretching the page significantly.
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Originally Posted by Delamo1999 View Post

It was really fun getting out of this place.
Cenote Climb. Definitely one of my favorite parts in this game.
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Well, I'm not very skilled at taking Screenshots (rarely ever do so), so, please excuse the shoddy quality, but I finally stumbled over this little guy for the first time myself so I thought I'd share:

I have no idea how common this is (and it's probably already known), but if someone else wants to try: It seems to have something to do with saving manually at the Ruined Tower base camp in San Juan, then leaving the game (main menu seems to suffice). Reloading the save and immediately heading towards the path to the Thirsty Gods Tomb seems to trigger it. At least it did so in any save I tried it with (PC Version). It should already be visible from the log you have to cross to get there.
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