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Default What do you hope to see in the next Tomb Raider movie?

What are your thoughts and hopes about TR 2?

I would love to see a new and original story, because i want to see something new and as much as i love the games i feel like the storylines won’t translate well into a movie adaption. However i would still love to see characters like Anna and Jonah from the games, and i would love to see Lara work with another female character at some point.

For Lara as a character i want her to be a mix between classic and reboot Lara, just like in the first movie. I really thought they got her personality right in the first movie. I would also love to see more of her passion for archeology like we got to see in SOTTR.

I also want her to use the dual pistols because even though i like the bow and arrow i feel like gun(s) would make much more sense and look better in the movie version, also because it was teased at the end of the first movie. I mean it’s iconic!

More and bigger tombs, ancient artifacts, traveling (like they did in the Angelina Jolie movies, i’ve always loved the traveling in both the movies and the games)

And an interesting villain!

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- Lou
- Adding some sort of supernatural element. What it could be I don't know.
- A better villain, even if they are on the cartoonish side.
- Globe trotting of sorts.
- More action and stealth. Alicia has the physique for it. I find it entirely believable that she can take down guys twice her size. Show this.
- Keep the bow and exe. Give her some Rambo arrows though.

Not so Important
- Duel pistols - No. Its cheesy and screams 2003. Wish the scene was not in the first movie at all.
- Anna - Boring villain
- Trinity - Again, too Boring and too Bond
- Unnecessary survival / animal battles. Waste of money
- Snowy setting

- Retreading ROTR
- Setting up SOTR
- Jumanji-fying the movie (making it too unrealistic)
- Captain Marve;-yzing the movie (turning her into a Mary Sue)

The further they stay away from the games the better.

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I would like a more intimate story, more focus on Lara's resourcefulness, Ana to return, supernatural elements, better cinematography, better writing, more character building moments, less family drama more personal dilemma, a morally ambiguous Lara.
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Tbh I would love to see a more Horror-esque TR movie.

Throw some 'The Descent' into the story .
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More emphasis on actual Tomb Raiding, which includes Lara being interested in archaeology, history and the supernatural. We see in the first film she has an interest in history, along with a knack for remembering stuff and solving puzzles, but her motivation to go on an adventure was to find her dad. Which she did, where she found she had a natural instinct and ability to survive a few dangerous situations along the way. Then she found out that his partner is probably connected to Trinity, the baddies from the the island.

So going forward, all we were left with was that Ana is part of Trinity and apparently Lara made a decision to go after them. I saw little to suggest she enjoyed the adventure enough to go on more adventures as a tomb raider, ones where she can use the skills she has already and learned. With Himiko just being a corpse at the end of her adventure, there's nothing of the supernatural to ignite an interest in myths or more supernatural stuff. So, without the twist of Ana and Trinity what would have set her off on another adventure? So I'm hoping for this aspect to be explored more in the next film.
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-A new and fresh story (not Shadow or Rise story)
-Dual pistols and braid
-Outfit classic
-Mansion, Winston
-Lara studying archeology (Lara without studies was the worst I've seen)
-Temples, traps, supernatural elements
-No more family matters. No, father. Not loving interest.
-A great villain.
-A story that shows Lara's love for archeology
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-More Chinese characters.
-removal of the series signature violence.
-no supernatural or mythological elements.
-more zombie viruses.
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Rise adaptation
More female characters
Anna as a villain
Better promo
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