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Talking Happy Birthday Quebsenuef

It's only midday or thereabouts at your end, so still enough time to wish you a very happy birthday.
Hopefully you'll get a few more plants.
Enjoy your special day!
Your mind is like a parachute ... it functions only when open. ✿
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tlr online
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Thumbs up

Happy Birthday Q.
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Happy Birthday Quebs
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Happy birthday to you.
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Awww, thank you Gabi!!
I have not purchased any more plants but my spider plant is having many babies that I need to place into water and eventually pot. A few of the current plants like my Monstera need repotted. It’s funny that you use a plant birthday theme and I’m actually wearing my “Plant Daddy” T-shirt ! Hahaha! What a coincidence!

Thank you again, Gabi! My forum birthday buddy, I couldn’t ask for anyone better!

And thank you everyone else for wishing me a happy birthday!
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Happy belated birthday. Gabi sent you a cat too.
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Happy belated birthday 🥳!
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