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Default I Find this better then ToO

After putting several hours into this game and a couple in ToO to me I find GOL better then ToO. For one thing the game is better optimized for PC in both performance and controls. However I find that I love the sound effects of the guns alot better in this version then ToO. The pistols go BAM BAM in this game, but they go bit bit in ToO. The guns just don't feel as powerful as they should.

Second of all I love the Mexican/Mayan environment in GOL and feel like ToO beats over your head that your in Egypt too much.

I really like how they used a similar modal of LAU Lara in GOL and made the sound track sound similar. It makes the game feel like a true sequel to LAU as opposed to a spin off.

Over all I much prefer GOL over ToO for now. Especially because the staff can be a bit annoying to use in ToO as opposed to the spear in GOL.

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Personally I find ToO to be as good if not better than GoL, but there were some issues with ToO nonetheless.

GoL was better about some things such as: Lara having better physique, the graphics look as little better in some areas, better optimization as you said, and the pistol sound effects are better in GoL.
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Originally Posted by charmedangelin View Post
I really like how they used a similar modal of LAU Lara in GOL and made the sound track sound similar. It makes the game feel like a true sequel to LAU as opposed to a spin off. .
But it IS a spin off , CD officially said that the LC universe is a standalone one , they used the same Underworld model and LAU music probably to save resources .

I think GoL is better than ToO is every single department except for : Visuals (because seriously ToO is STUNNING to look at) , music , story and location .
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It's too Underworld for my liking, but to each their own.
I'm of the minority who prefer Temple of Osiris.
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ToO made a mistake with all those rings. It was just too much, too random, and felt more D&D than Tomb Raider.

But I enjoyed both of the games. They feel more Tomb Raider to me than the new console games.
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Originally Posted by ThatSassyKid View Post
It's too Underworld for my liking, but to each their own.
I'm of the minority who prefer Temple of Osiris.
Same, I'm sure Gol is more Snappier as many have said though.

I love what they done with Temple of Osiris, I finished it recently. The dialogue really reminds me of legend and Movie!Lara. And need I mention the colour in this game

I really struggled with the controls though, lets not go there

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Nigel Cassidy
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They both got their pros and cons... I think GoL is better in enemy variety, bonus items, outfits and the hand cannons; they kick ass in GoL but I don't like them in ToO.

ToO in my opinion does music, boss fights, big monsters and dialogue better.
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I do prefer GoL just a bit more.

This is because ToO had really weird dialogue for Lara where she seemed like an airhead. Some of the worst dialogue for the series I've seen, managing to rival the reboot series. There are also more invisible walls, which I'm more forgiving of for a game like this, but often they're unacceptably blatant and unashamed. GoL is also longer.
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I prefer GOL as well:

- Lara model seems thhiiickkk & looks unique
- Pretty shirt colour and shape (TRU shape)
- Spear-throwing is addictive and the spear-climbing is neat
- Balls make a great rolling sound
- Totec's shield
- The stylized cutscenes mixed with the in-game cutscenes
- the seemingly more puzzle-oriented bosses

I've made a list like this before, somewhere. But really, TOO went a little too light in my opinion, with the dialogue and the whole scenario in general. There is nothing all that much plausible or serious about GOL, but it never seems to declare this about itself. Or it didn't feel like it did. Whereas with TOO it's like... I can see through it. IDK.

Maybe it's the introduction of all these meaningless (no shade) characters that creates a lot of dialogue that I probably didn't care for.

I have not finished TOO though. I just thought the Beetle boss was too much. You're literally a knock-off, Saturday morning "Lara Croft" with the appearance of ROTTR (??) standing on a giant piece of ****, with some Egyptian God's and the most random guy in the entire world, and this **** is like a sphere but you can't fall off it or something...


Also, I much preferred the ability to break moves in GOL, and string-together rolls in such seamless succession. Me and whoever made the decision to change this will probably never exist in the same dimension again.
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I enjoyed ToO even though I hate Egypt in Tomb Raider games (I'm probably the only one who hates Last Revelation.. Annual playthroughs are almost traumatizing to me)

In terms of freshness GOL is better. I hated the idea at first but started growing fond of its charm. ToO is better in a sense that it felt more like a Tomb Raider game to me though. I just felt Keeley's voice didn't suit the model at all. She suited the LAU and GOL models but not the reboot inspired ToO model. The ToO model needed a voice like Jonell or someone who is like Camilla but a bit more polished. Like her voiceover in the first ROTTR trailer.

I enjoyed the bosses in ToO. They were too easy in GOL.
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