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Question Problems with fog bulbs

Hey guys, there's quite a time since i released my last project and there were lots of updates in the ngle. I am updating some stopped projects to more recent versions so that i can use new features and release new levels.

I specially like to use fog bulbs and i noticed they just disappeared when i updated. I tried usying the weather flippeffect/(enable volumetric fx in current level) to activate the volumetric FX and it didn't work. I even tried to use the command in script: ForceVolumetricFX= ENABLED but it was not sucessful. Volumetric FX is also enabled in the option menu. Slowly my creativity to try more solutions is running out. I am checking if i did the updates correctly, everything seems in order, anyone had this issue?


I managed to find out what was the problem. I was upgrading to the version, in my mind it was the most recent version. I checked for updates in the ng_center and found out that there was a version. Updated to this version and the problem seems to be gone. Apparently the version has an issue with fog bulbs...
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