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Default POLL: Wad2 file format

As you already know, Tomb Editor introduced a new file format called Wad2. Now, when you design something from scratch, it can happen that you do some bad design choices that you have to consider in later steps of development. For Wad2, our only mistake was sound system. We tried to improve it but we didn't consider enough that it was badly designed since the first Tomb Raider, and the workflow is really (sigh) terrible.
We introduced dynamic system, that it seemed really good but it had many collateral problem that we now need to rethink it from scratch.
All other things of Wad2 file format perform very well, and we've added new features to the format because it can be extended version after version. But not sound.

This will be a breaking change.

We'll step back from dynamic Ids to fixed Ids, like it always was. TRNG requires them. And engine has a lot of hardcoded sounds called in its machine code. We know also that some of you did the trick of fixing all sounds in TrCatalog.xml, with the result of having de facto the old fixed system. So it seems that this is what you want. And also, in TRNG and TR5Main soundmap is very big so there will not be any problem of space, one of the reasons that lead us to use dynamic system.

We need your help!

For making this transition smoother, we need your help. We need to know how many of you are using Wad2 file format (not counting statics Wad2 files or files without sounds). Then, we need to know how many did the trick of fixing all sounds in TrCatalog.xml (this would save a lot of troubles in migration). And, the most important, how many of you did an intensive usage of the feature in Tomb Editor that allowed you to import new sounds to use as sound sources. This will be the most problematic case.

Please contact me privately, here on TRF or on Discord server. We want that Wad2 file format will be the future, but we need to win this challenge first.
Tomb Editor Main developer

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