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Default Remakes - necessary or useless?

Transferring this topic from the Resident Evil thread to a separate one.

Are Remakes of old games necessary or useless?

Let's discuss, babes.
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Necessary, but to a point. In the case of Resident Evil, it makes sense to want to revitalize some of the beloved titles, especially in the new engine.

That being said, we're now hearing cries for RE4 remakes and so on, which seems counter-intuitive to the future of the franchise.

Remakes are also good for exposing new fans to the series, so that'a another positive. It's something that can really only be judged on a case by case basis tbh
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Necessary? No.

Useless? Also not.

There can be good value in readapting old stories and concepts for to modern or different standards. Especially in cases where the originals do not really hold up that well anymore. There is always something to gain if we still end up getting a great product in the end.

But are necessary? Not really. Even those cases that do not held up that well, if they important enough to be considered for a remake is because they still have value in them. They are still seemed as games you need to experience. Remakes can make experience those games easier, but it is not like it is impossible to enjoy the original to begin with.
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As much as I enjoyed the RE1&2 remake, TR Anniversary and the MGS remake I say a firm no

Unless it's a remake of an unpopular chapter in a popular franchise. A 'do over' if you like.

Remaking an old but beloved game, you are fighting the tide already because there will always be that love and nostalgia weighing down on it which is incredibly difficult to do justice to. Not even the brilliant RE2 remake met it imo, let alone outdid it.

A lot of the time remakes feel like little more than an expensive platform to holler about why outdoing the original isn't possible.
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They're neither necessary nor useless. Having said that, I wish the remake craze would die down. I feel like proper, fully fledged remakes should be reserved only for the biggest classics. I'm a bigger fan of remasters. Just give the games a new coat of HD paint and release them into the wild.
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I feel a little guilty now.

I personally hate this that remakes kinda want to replace the old beloved games.

I think that HD remasters are better because hd remasters are actually updated version of an old game being adjusted and updated for modern consoles.
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I agree it depends on a case-by-case basis.

I don't find them to be either useless or necessary for the most part. If one of my favorite games were getting the remake treatment, I would most definitely buy the game in a heartbeat. There has been some amazing remakes in the past couple of decades - Resident Evil 1-2 (and hopefully 3), Crash Bandicoot trilogy, Pokemon gen 1-3 remakes, and Black Mesa (Half Life). Resident Evil Remake in particular set the standard for remakes for me.

With that being said, I don't think every single game warrants a remake. Take Pokemon Let's Go Eevee/Pikachu for example. This game is suppose to be a remake of the first generation games (Blue/Red/Yellow). But these games already received a remake in 2004 in the form of FireRed/LeafGreen. Those games already fixed most of the problems of the first games. Did we really need another set of Kanto games?

And then there are games that I can't imagine being remade today without substantially changing them. Take Super Mario 64 for example. If the game was remade today, it would most likely get a Super Mario Odyssey type of treatment.
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hi demi
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Btw, I forgot to add this that imo remakes are only good if they are fan made projects. Because fans don't have enough time/manpower to create original sequels from the ground up compared to publishers.

Publishers shouldn't rely on remakes. Just imagine what happens if Final Fantasy 7 remake becomes successful.
SE will just remake FF 1-12 over and over again. So they will not make anymore original FF games.(So no FF 16)
They also make them episodic so for each generation of consoles they can just fully remake 1 old FF game which means FF fans have to play old games with repetitive/worse stories.

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Neither one or the other but there are exceptions such as it happened with Resident Evil and Crash Bandicoot. They sure make people happy so there's that. Unless of course we are talking about a far fetched remake case such as someone mentioned earlier a RE4 remake or a TR2013 remake for the PS5. Now that would be completely pointless. I am also a bigger fan of remasters bc of their cost effective and easier to develop nature but some games can't get away with that unfortunately. RESIDENT EVIL 2 and RESIDENT EVIL 3 are one of those games that needed a complete from the ground up remake and I also share the same opinion about the TR classics. Those games actually fit in the rare " need a remake ASAP" list.
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