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Originally Posted by Error96 View Post
It's on the tomb raider suite facebook page. There is another stream at 2PM today GMT.
Great, that makes it three consecutive streams I missed in a row
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Oh my god, those venice violins.. i need them... where's my time machine at?

Seriously, I'm so glad, that it sounds so much like the original (this and the puzzle element are almost identic). Not sure about the TR3 Theme yet, but we'll see, when it's released
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Alex Fly
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Today they held the second round of the Composer Buffet Prize Draw.
Winners are backers n 88, 159, 478, 645, 913, 1040, 1561, 2086, 2397 and 2527.

Congrats if you're one of them!
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Has everyone seen the new promo video for the London Composer Buffet Reception? https://t.co/65SsN1YTvb Can't wait!
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Last night Shota Nakama and the Video Game Orchestra wowed the main stage at PAX East in Boston, Massachusetts with their performance of Final Fantasy XV.

As a very special treat for Tomb Raider fans the VGO also performed The Tomb Raider Medley from The Tomb Raider Suite. At around 2:30am (GMT) The Tomb Raider Medley had its US premiere performance and the response from audience says it all!

Shota introduces the Medley @ 00:49:50 in the attached stream, half way through the Final Fantasy XV set.

Many thanks to Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix for making this happen. For those of you that missed it, you can see the recording of the stream here:

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This medley IS AMAZING!!
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Delayed... AGAIN


As far as the Album Release date is concerned, I am sorry to tell you that we have decided to delay the release.

This was not an easy decision to come to but I feel it is the right one under the circumstances for the reasons below.

After the recording at Abbey Road Studios in October last year, we managed to get booked back into the studio for mixing at the end of January 2018, and then for Mastering at the end of February.

Since then, the team has been working round the clock on the preparations for the Composer Buffet Reception and we are simply unable to juggle the final stages of the album production so close to the launch party.

We are also aware that by releasing the album on the 1st May as previously planned, it somewhat spoils the Premiere airplay we had planned for the Composer Buffet Reception in San Francisco on 14th July 2018, and so delaying the release until after this makes it more fair for our friends in the United States.

In terms of our production pipeline, we have been informed that there are only 3 Vinyl Pressing Plants left in the world, and the best of these, happens to be not far down the road from where I live, in Prague, Czech Republic.

We have also discovered that there is at least an 8 week lead time for getting albums pressed there. So at best we would be looking at the beginning of July, but again, to honour our friends in the United States and to give us a little breathing room, we think it safe to target our release for the 1st August 2018.

I appreciate this may be a little disappointing but rest assured we are moving forward as quickly as possible.

I thank you all for your understanding and I look forward to meeting some of you at the Reception at Hatfield House on the 28th where we will be playing The Tomb Raider Suite, as recorded, mixed and mastered at Abbey Road Studios for the very first time!

Kindest regards


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Too bad But I'm gonna wait for the London Premiere
There's a place even Lara Croft wouldn't dare to adventure and it's called TRF

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Anything to get it right

I listened to the PAX performance and I must say, the T-Rex track seems to be a "suicide track" of sorts for any live orchestra as it seems to be extremely difficult to get right with its unforgiving tempo and beat rate! They should be using it as a benchmarking piece for players and orchestras alike! I can imagine a lot of the players thought "who wrote this?!?!" when they saw the sheets
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Listening to those nostalgic tracks live was awesome!
IMO this style of music needs to come back to TR
Reboot's music is too safe and Hollywood.
It isn't memorable. Heck even Legend had some lovely tracks..
I have hope for Shadow with what we have heard so far, but I really hope they use more shorter tracks here and there instead of having one track constantly playing in the background
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