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Ewerton Pires
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Originally Posted by jschuuring View Post
never had a problem with this. check your hardware or tried an older tombati version.

I noticed that the problem is caused when you change the color of the water to get the same color as the PSX. Is there someway to solve this problem without change this configuration?
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isee,i am sorry never tried that out.
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*****problem solved*****

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Can we use Texture pack with Glrage?
If yes, how?
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I need help about Tombati, could you tell me:
- is x360 gamepad natively supported by TombAti or I have to install a third software like antimicro ?
- The "unfinished business" menu picture is the same as the main game. In a older release it was different. How to reinstall the last TOMBUB menu picture?
- one of the passport picture is upside down, I would like to rectify this
- vert sync to avoid tearing
- change alt key button for jump to avoid Lara infinitely jumping when I press alt+tab

I'm working on a script that install Tombati and all necessary tweaks/best features, I need to resolve this 3 points before to share it.

Thank you for your help.
Playing Tomb Raider on Linux Ubuntu

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I followed the guide in the first post, yet when I reach the end and go to start the game by clicking tombati nothing happens. A little square on my task bar highlights as if an app is about to start running, but it just kind of stops and never starts anything :/
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