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Courier Updates, Streaming and Press

Hi all,

Ash here with all the latest news!


On February 14th (someone’s birthday is it?) we published all four albums on all major streaming and digital platforms. This means you can listen to all four albums on Spotify, Apple Music, Google play etc and/or purchase it on iTunes.

Here are all the links to make it easier for you to find it for your platform:

The Dark Angel Symphony http://orcd.co/brr001

The Last Revelation http://orcd.co/brr002
Chronicles http://orcd.co/brr003
The Angel of Darkness http://orcd.co/brr004

BTW, if you google “tomb raider the dark angel symphony” you can leave a review on google itself nudge-nudge wink-wink!

Minimising disruption

When we started this campaign we promised accountability and explanation on how we will manage shortcomings and failures.

Whilst everything so far was going well and we hit the initial goal to start shipping in December, the manufacturer’s delay caused us a bit of a problem. Here’s how we try to minimise this impact:

1 We partnered with DHL to deliver all our parcels to you.

We want to once again ask you to refrain from contacting us about individual order updates as we try to dedicate all free time for fulfilment. When your parcel is with the courier you will receive an email from DHL informing you about it.

Also, we’re aware that very few countries don’t have DHL as a courier, please don’t worry – DHL will deliver it to your country and your local courier will be delivering the parcel to the final destination.

How this will help us minimise the impact? As there are only two of us (Peter and myself) doing all the packing we were spending a significant amount of time running to the post office and back. DHL will be picking up the parcels directly from us instead thus giving us extra time to pack and ship. Also, DHL’s service should generally be faster and safer than regular post.

2 Where possible we will ship orders in order of purchasing starting with the first backer and ending with the last order in the shop. However, if we don’t have certain items for that order (e.g. no CDs) we are moving onto the next order. As a result, we managed to throw in a few orders from the shop in our next batch which should be with DHL in a few days. This will help minimise the backlog in the future.

The original Angel of Darkness Recording. Winner to be announced soon

As you might know, Peter & the team spent over £100k of personal lifesavings to meet our stretch goals. To help our debt situation, Peter is raffling the original DAT Audio Recording for The Angel of Darkness.

The tape hold audio from this amazing day in 2002

It’s completely raw and unedited and it’s the ORIGINAL thing.

You could win it by entering our raffle here:


You can enter as many tickets as you like and we have a limit of 500 tickets only.

Also, this raffle will end on March 3rd 23:59 UK time GMT so make sure you enter before then. 10% of all purchases will go to Cancer Research UK so you’re helping a charity by participating! We gave it a few days after pay day so you have better chances to get more tickets and thus win it!*


We got an article in VG247 and Gamespot!!!!



More articles:

















If you found any other articles please leave them in comments, we'd love to read!

Discount code

We still got 7 uses left for Lara's birthday discount code! Enter "happybirthday" at checkout for 15% discount. Perfect time to get that vinyl maybe?





*I hope whoever does win the DAT can digitize it and share it, if that's allowed?
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tlr online
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Thanks for the update.
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I finally had the chance to sit down and listen to the entire album this morning.




Seriously, I am completely and totally in love with this album. The pieces go way beyond what I had imagined for a remastered TR4/5/6/ soundtrack in the best possible way. I was really caught off guard by the jazz elements that sneaked into so many of the tracks, and more surprised by how much I liked it. I have a feeling this probably put some listeners off, but I love that the tracks have a new spin on them. It would be one thing to just record the pieces as they were written with a live wind ensemble and orchestra, but personally I much prefer revisiting the pieces from a slightly different perspective. It's fresh and engaging.

Really, I love basically each and every one, but these were the stand out tracks to me:

The Last Revelation theme
It's the first piece of music I ever heard in a Tomb Raider game so I have that nostalgia bias, but at the same time I have such a strong connection to this piece. Tomb Raider opened my eyes to the ancient world as a kid, and this was the track that brought that world to life. There's so much wonder and grandeur in that original track for me. The new version invokes that same wonder for me, but also has a lighter and more playful approach. I like that the piece doesn't take itself too seriously and can have this lighter, airy side. It's a great introduction to the jazzier sound that the album has, too.

Jeep Thrills
From the moment that weird electronic woosh started, I KNEW this track was going to be good. The new Jeep Thrills is such a full, fleshed out, perfectly instrumented expansion of the original track. Super fun and top notch. Couldn't be better!

Give Me Your Hand
I had to include this track, despite how short it is, because I burst into an ugly cry when it started. I was picturing that final FMV and the camera panning across the pyramids at sunset...it must have been nostalgia that hit me so hard, but WOW is this a gorgeous recreation of the original music. Real instruments make a world of difference. The added chorus/chants was a perfect addition. Short and sweet!

Remember the Amulet
This is a new composition mixed heavily with melodies from TR4/6, and it's SO freaking good. It makes me wish there had been more medley style pieces in the album simply because this one is so good. It's Peter's most popular track on Spotify right now for obvious reasons!

Chronicles theme
I heard this track and I was DEAD AND GONE. I don't think any of us were expecting this jazzy, slick-as-hell James Bond sounding masterpiece for the Chronicles theme. The glissandos, the acoustic guitar -- chef kisses for days.

Dance of the Lux Veritatis
I just love the jazzy/rock infused sound of this track. Swapping out the tight, march-esque snare for a contemporary drum kit gives the piece a whole new personality. The original track is AMAZING and a definite standout on the AOD soundtrack. This new version is just so bad ass and oozing with style. I even love the frickin saxophone ripping at the end. It's just such a high energy, fun take on Dance of the Lux Veritatis.

The only tracks I DIDN'T care for:

The Angel of Darkness theme
All of the new AOD pieces are freaking great, but this one missed the mark for me. I think it's because the original AOD theme is literally the gold standard in classical orchestra TR music. It is a masterpiece, plain and simple. This new recording isn't bad by any means, but it's missing that really nuanced timing of the original. To me, it feels like the orchestra is rushing. Notes in the original that are drawn out and very deliberate are missed. Those important pauses where tension is built or released is glossed over. Honestly, you can't top a masterpiece. I'm not mad.

Surrounded by Green
It's an EDM track, so it's no huge loss honestly. It's still a fun track that I like, and it sounds more contemporary than the original for sure. But it lacks the same energy of the original. At no point does it make me feel like I should be going absolutely NUTS on the dance floor high off my ass like in the original. Ah well. Again, no great loss.

She Will Live on Forever in our Hearts ft. Julie Elven
This was one of the tracks I was actually most excited to hear when it was teased. It's really unique because almost no TR tracks have a single singer and real lyrics (the Legend theme is about the only other one that I can think of), and the new Chronicles theme is the perfect track for vocals, undoubtedly. Julie's deep, scotch-smooth vocals are great, but the lyrics themselves didn't do it for me. Idk, the line "what adventures will find me" in particular was a bit cringe. Too on-the-nose. That being said, I still enjoyed hearing a TR track with vocals in this style.

Overall, I'd just like to express my MASSIVE gratitude to Peter, Ash, Murti, Jenni, and EVERYONE else who worked on this album. Everything relating to the production of this album, from the website, to promotional materials, the merch, and the music itself has been of absolute top notch quality. Getting to experience this music again in a whole new way has been an absolute privilege.

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Originally Posted by Kapu View Post
Remember the Amulet
This is a new composition mixed heavily with melodies from TR4/6, and it's SO freaking good. It makes me wish there had been more medley style pieces in the album simply because this one is so good. It's Peter's most popular track on Spotify right now for obvious reasons!
Yes, i'm going through the tracks and this one is the best so far. Most new TR4 tracks are amazing and better fit the Egypt theme.
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I love the Heavens of the AOD album!! Like oh my god the entire album sure certainly does sound like Heaven!!
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Bought the album without thinking twice, but the overly jazzy tunes kinda ruined it for me tbh.

There are a few gems in between though that I liked such as Remember the Amulet and Beyond the Darkness.

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Hi all,

Ash here with all the latest.

Today we received word that all CDs are being shrinkwrapped over-night and should be shipping tomorrow. This means we should receive them on Monday.

Now, they will arrive to Peter's studio in Newcastle. He currently works in Nottingham so on Friday evening he will drive me from Manchester on his way back and I'll get cracking with packing all orders that have CDs.

DHL Shipping

Some of you already received your packages OR received an email from Janice with your DHL tracking number. I've been busy this week packing all those after work and I'm happy that they reached some of you so early!



I'm packing and shipping everything I can and as fast as I can so thank you for your patience.

If you received your goodies - please share those on social media and tag us!




Please avoid messaging us on Facebook or via email if your query is about your order's shipping date. We're honestly doing our absolute bestests to get these to you as soon as possible. This is exactly why we partnered with DHL at a cost to us to ensure speedy and secure delivery of all items.

Once your order is ready for departure you will receive an email from Janice (no joke!) with your DHL tracking number.

5 days left to win the original Angel of Darkness London Symphony recording

Only 5 days left to enter our raffle for your chance to win the original Master mixes of the Angel of Darkness Recording sessions from 2002. This tape contains it all - practice runs, takes, getting comfortable etc.

Here are some photos from that day to freshen up your memory:


This is a one of a kind item so don't miss out and enter now!


We only sold just over 100 tickets so if you buy them now your chance of winning is actually pretty high! Treat yourself on pay day? Wink-wink, nudge-nudge

10% of proceedings go to Cancer Research UK.

Discounts in the shop

We got 3 uses left for Lara's birthday discount code! Enter "happybirthday" at checkout for 15% discount.


Guess who's back!

Mama ThatNorsChick is back


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I'm not sure if this was already answered somewhere in the thread, but is there a reason the Le Serpent Rouge dance track isn't included in the remaster? Did Peter not compose that one?
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@Camera Obscura I was also wondering about that. I notice the remastered soundtrack is identical to the one Peter uploaded on SoundCloud many years ago, and the Le Serpent Rouge track was missing on that version as well.
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AFAIK Peter didn’t compose the ‘Le Serpent Rouge’ himself, a tech music company did.
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