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Yes please, the bow has to go.
Ubisoft Brought back Classic Lara ^_^
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I really dislike the bow, but I recognise that a lot of people enjoy playing with it, and it makes sense for it to reappear if the games continue in this timeline. All I ask is for it to be optional. I would be fine with it if it were an additional weapon that I wasn't forced to equip.
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It's a contrivance and a PITA that creates "difficulty for it's own sake".
It's a failure to distinguish a nuisance from a challenge.
Lara uses guns. That's what she does.
Lose the bow.
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I wouldn't get rid of the bow. It's pretty cool to use, although I didn't enjoy it in Shadow. I don't know why.

Although having a modern bow would be better. It's pretty annoying to see the usual ancient bow with some minor differences.

Give her a crossbow or something, so that we can attach stun darts or a grapple. And make some cool acrobatic stuff to reach higher places.
Something modern is needed in this franchise.
Lost and ancient places with some old secrets have been way overused.

Modern setting, improved grapple mechanics, a motorbike to move around and do some crazy **** with it.
Tomb Raider really needs something mad or out of the "there's this artifact hidden somewhere I need to retrieve" scheme.
This franchise should teach others again. Not follow them.
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I actually really like the bow for stealth and hunting, my only problems with it largely stem from the games forcing you to use it for puzzles and traversal, although that could be solved easily by removing or limiting rope arrows. I obviously dislike the devs attempt to brand the bow as a replacement for Lara’s dual pistols since I believe there are certain aspects of an iconic character’s image that should not be subject to permanent change, however, I also believe that there is nothing wrong with adding to the character’s image in interesting ways and I think that keeping the bow alongside the duals is a great way to do that, as well as a good way to compromise between the classic and reboot variations of Lara’s iconography.
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I've never been into the bow, I don't like playing with bows in other games either and whenever there is a choice I'll pick something else.

But I particularly don't like how woodsy it makes Lara. I don't want her to be a James Bond with hi-tech gagdetry but I don't want this continual nature-girl vibe either - pallying up with the natives, wearing furs and skins, crafting woodsy items for her woodsy bow. Just make her a modern person please.

I don't find bows cool or interesting so I have no problem with it going. However, so much of the gameplay mechanics revolve around it I suspect it'll be here forever.

And I will say, it does work mechanically wise extremely well within the game. The shooting mechanics for it are technically well done and that's to Crystal's credit otherwise I would be moaning about it non-stop.
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^I very much agree with you, Blackmoor, particularly on the need to make Lara more modern (but without going over the top James Bond-y).

Having said that, if the bow stays, I don't want a compound bow. I prefer a simpler design. I also don't think a crossbow would be a better choice.

Also, if the bow stays, I would prefer for it to lose it's status as mandatory main weapon. It should be 100% optional and the game shouldn't have sections where we are forced to use the bow. And in cutscenes, Lara also tends to use the bow even when it would make more sense for her to use a gun. I would prefer if this didn't happen.

So basically, I'm fine with it staying as long as it's a completely optional weapon and without as much narrative focus.
"If it's unique or exciting, I go after it." — Lara Croft
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Tbh, I feel like Lara’s main arsenal should be duals, bow, and axes. No more, no less.

As far as what the bow looks like, a simple metal bow with some neat little designs or something like that would be fine. It doesn’t have to be as complicated as the compound bow, but it can still look fairly modern.
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The xbow made it's first appearance in TRIV but I wasn't really a fan of it back then. Ever since the debut of the hunting bow in TR2013 I've been a huge fan. It's a lot of fun. I use guns regularly but the bow has something unique to it.

It feels like Lara's signature assassination weapon.

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It definitely doesn't hurt to have it, but the bow is a bit too commonplace to push as Lara's signature weapon. They should just focus on the axe being her main tool. That's a lot more unique and actually makes sense for her to use.
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