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Default Is the game that moddable to ...

Hi guys. New guy here.

At first thank all of you that made great mods for this game And managed to make the game better.
I played AOD for the first time in my life(Played the heavily modded version of it.) some things of that game bothered me and I wanted to know if they can be fixed by community mods:

1. Boaz bossfight:
Unfortunately at that bossfight, Kurtis auto aims the wrong weak points and that made me to get stuck there for 1 hours(And forced me to use a guide there to pass it.)

2.No tutorials when learning new moves.
When Lara learned her sprinting and sprint jumping ability the game didn't tell me anything(Just a "I am stronger now." which was pretty useless)
As the result of lack of any hints that she had learned a new move I got stuck near the end of that game on that long platform jump for 1 hour.

I know some of you may say "Making a mod for these is useless since now you know how to get pass these." but I'm just saying that these parts annoyed me so much.(Just imagine how much first time players will be annoyed in these sections.)

Extra: This one isn't as necessary as previous one. Is it possible to give Kurtis's crouch walking to Lara ?(Since it would make crawling sections faster.)

Thanks again for making good mods for this game.
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1. You have to use END/Roll in order to change targets.

2. iirc Lara tells how to use Sprint in the Louvre already.

Extra: Unless I'm mistaken each level has its own set of animations for characters, so I highly doubt you can do that and so far I haven't seen any mod that would replace or add new animations.
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1. I know. But if he aimed the correct target automatically it would make that part better imo.(Since even if it was a puzzle it was a cheap puzzle.)

2.Oops. Guess I somehow missed that.

Thanks for answering.

BTW I remembered one other thing I wanted to ask:

Extra 2: Is it possible to make Lara's swimming animation faster ? (Since she swims too slow.)
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