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View Poll Results: Would you replay the game with chapter replay?
Highly likely 38 40.43%
Likely 17 18.09%
Not likely 13 13.83%
Highly likely with Chapter Replay and Endurance Mode 23 24.47%
More likely with Endurance Mode 3 3.19%
Voters: 94. You may not vote on this poll

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Originally Posted by Rai View Post
I can't vote.
Why not? You could for the clothing restriction poll.
I own a PS4.
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Originally Posted by Robwood View Post
Why not? You could for the clothing restriction poll.
Different question. This one isn't asking if I'd like it to happen, but whether I'd use it.
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I'll be honest I never use chapter replays on any games that have them.

I think it's a form of mild OCD but if I play a game, I play from the start through to the finish. I never think, "Oh, I'll just play a bit of my favourite level". I always start from the beginning even if I'm just trying to complete trophies...............

So, whilst it doesn't bother me if it's there (obviously), it doesn't affect me if it's not.
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I would like Endurance mode as well, but a different one compared to RotTR.
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I prefer to replay the whole game from the start - but I would still use chapter replay for photo mode. ^^ And yes - endurance mode would be great too.
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Ofc. I don't mind replaying the game as it is like once a year or smth but I would do it much more often if I could pick and choose to replay juct my favorite chapters (like almost every other linear story driven game allows nowadays, like Rise also allowed)
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No, I didn't do it in Rise either and I prefer Rise over Shadow.

Completing the Score Attacks were in lieu of the Chapter Replay
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Guys how I can select chapter which I want to replay from game menu? I don't have a option to do this.
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I own a PC, no consoles. On a PC, you can backup saves and/or auto-saves at any point in the game, so there isn't much point in a chapter replay feature for the PC version. A few people I know do this with PC games in general where there's some type of ongoing progress in a game that otherwise can't be reset back to a prior level. Some players have posted collections of saves at various points in a game. In the case of TR1, some of those posted saves include Lara being placed out of bounds using a position editor.
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I would appreciate a Chapter Replay feature in Shadow, but I don't want it to be like the one we have in Rise... I didn't like the fact that once you end the chapter you go back to the main menu. There are a few parts of the game that can only be replayed if you start a new game this way and I wish I could continue the story from the chapter I selected till the very end of the game (like the The Last of Us and the Uncharted games Chapter Replay feature). You could always go back to the main menu and select another chapter. I didn't use Rise's chapter replay feature that much and I ended up replaying the whole game because of this... I also think it would be very cool to have an Endurance Mode in the jungle setting!
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