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Default Tr4

please I would appreciate some help on how to install TR4 save games on Windows10....
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Hi Cera

Which version are you installing? CDROM, GOG, Steam.. etc?
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Tomb Raider
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TR4 savegames go in the root folder -- wherever the game's executable is, and the easiest way to find that would be to right-click whatever shortcut you have for the game (or simply the game's executable in the start menu) and open the directory that the shortcut links to, i.e the one with the .exe file.

STEAM lets you find the same directory if you right-click the game in your list, then click on "properties", and one of the buttons in the second tab should redirect you there.
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Originally Posted by Cera View Post
please I would appreciate some help on how to install TR4 save games on Windows10....
Have you placed your saves in the root folder, but your saves are nowhere to be seen in-game?

I'm not sure if this applies to your issue or Windows 10 in general, but in previous versions of Windows, sometimes, depending on the type of game installation, folder location & user account options set, save game files will be placed in one of two locations:

Originally Posted by The Great Chi:

C:\Users\*insert username*\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\Core Design\Tomb Raider *x*

Just a word about the 'appdata' folder in win7 as it is usually a hidden folder, so you cannot see it, hence you cannot get to the savefiles.

SOLUTION is to make hidden files visible.

Click on window symbol button bottom left, and put in the search window the word 'hidden', then click on 'show hidden files and folders', and in the popup window select 'show hidden folders files and drives', click OK to finish, and appdata should now be visible
Also, try opening your Tomb Raider game folder and check if there is a button called 'Compatibility Files' in the menu bar. Click that and it should take you to your savegames.


Originally Posted by Sardoc View Post
If both of these are true:

- the game is installed in C:\Program Files or Program Files (x86)\........... ;
- AND you have User Account Control turned on (those yes-no questions which appear every time you install something),

then your saves will be in
C:\Users\*insert username*\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\Core Design\Tomb Raider

Otherwise (UAC turned off and/or the game installed anywhere but C disk), it will just be in the game location.
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