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Ah when I get access to the trle forum again I’ll be sure to check out those threads... I sent an email to Michael about resetting my password about a month ago but he hasn’t replied.

I’ve put the trle speedruns on the backburner for the moment, partly because I wanted to do a tr4 level next, and there are literally 1000s to choose from... I learned most of the route for the level “Puna’s Revenge” and I’d love to speedrun Geckokid’s “The Beginning” sometime.

I’m quickly finding that most TR4 levels are generally less speedrun friendly than the TR1-3 levels since TRLE culture tends to favor complex or puzzling levels. There are also just a lot of idiosyncrasies of the TR4 engine, like traps doing way too much dmg or enemies having weird hit detection that makes it so 80% of Lara’s bullets miss. Plus I swear spikes have a downright floaty hitbox sometimes. On the other hand the custom animations make for a lot of potential awesomeness in speedruns.
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