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Did you use Glidos or replace the textures using PixStr?
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I used glidos. Replacing the rextures is a great idea but unfortunately i'm too lazy for it right now.
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I use this mod in combination with barracuda's ATI patch. It's so awesome to play the game in full hd resolution AND having Lara wear her hair like she's supposed to

Thanks for your work - I REALLY appreciate it!
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Is it possible to get psx uzi sounds without the braid?
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I found this Patch and it looks nice. I have already completed TR1 with it and it works great. But UB didn't. I had copied the UB PC Uzi sound files into the Data folder in the game directory. Exactly like TR1. But it didn't work. What am I doing wrong? I am using the original Retail Version from the Premier Collection with the Retail Fix for Windows 10. Thanks in advance.
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Hey I actually ripped the elusive PSX Uzi sound the moment TRMOD was released many years ago! I never understood why the PC was underwhelming. Was amazed to see it in this braid mod and glad it did!

PC sound - 1 shot sound
PSX sound - 3 shot sounds with transitions

I love the 'turn and roar!'.

Does your UB work prior to this mod at all? if so - then somethings up with the level files. I assume you're replacing the exact right files mm.

TBH - I highly recommend you use TombATI from Glidos.com to update your TR1 Rig. If you have steam/gog/disk installed - it does it all for you. No more dosbox and, i've never had a problem using modded UB level files
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