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Smile Pic of the day

A new thread to post images that you find funny, breathtaking, interesting, slightly odd or otherwise worth of sharing with others.

As before: one picture per 24 hours, no GIFs, no nudity, no sexually suggestive or vulgar images.
New addition: no pictures of celebrities as we have a dedicated thread for that here.
Further addition: no pictures of or from video games as we have a dedicated thread for that here.

It would also be nice if you could give a short comment about what is depicted and/or why you chose the image.


The previous thread can be found here.
Your mind is like a parachute ... it functions only when open. ✿

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You'll never get away; I'm HOT on your trail

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I used to be obsessed by them back in the day *sigh*

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cezy rockeru
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^ AMEN! Nothing can defeat the correctfulness of British English

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Thanks a lot for getting the other thread closed. That was a good move on Gabi's part. And my pic for the day is still the same as the old one. RIP. Anyway, it was the last pic of that thread, so what the hell. Here it is again.

Lara Tron Edition by lara249:

"Time to dig up the past..."
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On the path to riches.
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Absolutely gorgeous... <3
♩ "Make my heart a better place, give me something I can believe..." ♪

Last edited by Gabi; 17-01-15 at 18:07. Reason: Hugely oversized image converted into link
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