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The problem with lack of tombs in AoD is actually a problem of lack of tomb-like environments, TR-like levels. There's too much walking around in an overworld talking to people without puzzles or discovering how to move forward and using complex platforming to reach it. And even as hubs they're way too simple and empty and barebones, so even as a non-TR game AoD would fail. Because it's that incomplete. I think the levels removed, if they were in the game, would contain more sub-levels that work as tombs like the sewers and the hall of seasons.
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Interesting topic. With many refinements and bug fixes from the community we're able to play the game in a much better state.

However, there are still a lot of issues which are deeper than the surface. We've discussed some of them recently in another thread.

We still have:

- a somewhat hard to understand plot. Who are all these characters again and what do they do? → because they had to cut so many levels and storyline it's kinda hard to understand everything by playing the game once or twice.
- the lack of tombs and strange level choices → the sanitarium reminds me of a resident evil game and Kurtis serves little purpose, although he became a pretty loved character in the end.
- underutilized moves → the sprint + jump is an example which you unlock at the very end of the game and you only really need to use it once. Stealth is almost completely useless.
- plot holes and unexplained events → so what exactly happened with Lara after TRIV and Chronicles? She and Von Croy get along now.. or not really?
- lackluster combat: the melee is a joke and good for the occasional laugh, the shooting is clunky and unrealistic.

There are a lot of other small things which prevent this title from making it outstanding. However, I really enjoy playing it with patches and fixes applied. It's still a fun game.
I come back for it ever so often because it has a unique and intriguing playstyle.
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The game will have better scores and be better received. Core would surely survived as Eidos fired them because of the game's bad reception. So I guess they would continue the series. The trilogy... not sure. I think the game would still devide because of the drastic change of tone and lack the original Indiana Jones-esque spirit. I guess the game after AOD will be some kind of a "back to basics" but still with Core Design on it.
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Let's look at wikipedia for a moment, if we take this Wikipedia edit as "proof".

Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness received strong initial sales, mostly driven by an aggressive advertising campaign.The game reached 6th place in the UK Top 20 sales charts, but dropped to 13th by the following week.The game's PlayStation 2 version received a "Platinum" sales award from the Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers Association (ELSPA), indicating sales of at least 300,000 copies in the United Kingdom. It eventually went on to sell 2.5 million copies The game received mixed to negative reviews from critics. At Metacritic, which assigns a normalised rating out of 100, the game received an average score of 52 and 49 for the PlayStation 2 and Windows version, respectively. Reviewers praised the game's storyline, graphics, sound, and environments, while they criticised its large number of bugs and system requirements and its poor controls, combat system, and camera movement. Gaming magazines Game Informer and PlayStation Official Magazine gave it 5.5/10 and 8/10 respectively.
As stated by many of us and the OP, bugs and controls were the main issue here

I wonder what they mean by system requirements. Did it require such an advanced graphics card at the time that most computers couldn't run it properly?

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As far as I remember, the unpatched version was more resource hungry than the patched versions, so it makes sense. And even today's low-end computers have difficulties sometimes to run it at full performance if you push the graphics to the max, so I think it makes sense.
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Originally Posted by KIKO View Post
Let's look at wikipedia for a moment, if we take this Wikipedia edit as "proof".

As stated by many of us and the OP, bugs and controls were the main issue here

I wonder what they mean by system requirements. Did it require such an advanced graphics card at the time that most computers couldn't run it properly?
A TR fan who's also a friend and bought TR6 when it was released told me that she bought a new computer in 2003 to make sure she would be able to run it, but ended up not being able to play it. She said it was because she didn't bought the specific things but other brands that were supposed to work the same.
So hard to know if she really bought something that was able to play TR6 or not, but anyway it must has been the case for a lot of people. Buying a new computer and not being able to run it at lowest options is weird for 2003.
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Makes sense, some games can be difficult to run properly if they're not optimized to inferior graphics cards.
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Originally Posted by CheshireBitch View Post
Buying a new computer and not being able to run it at lowest options is weird for 2003.
Just a funny story, my dad bought a PC in 2003/2004 for work related stuff and i recall it being able to run AOD just fine. It went on to run TRL and TRA perfectly too, and then finally giving up on TRU.
It had a AMD Sempron CPU with an Radeon X1550 Graphics card, the nostalgia...
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This GameSpot review from back in the day is very enlightening too


To sum it up:
- Story is epic
- Lara controls like a cement truck. Very hard to move her around. Noticeable delay in response time. You can't turn easily.
- Tedious to play.
- Animations look great
- Enemy AI is "stupid"
- Graphical problems. Shadows floating in mid-air. Enemies clip through objects. Game crashes.
- Environments look good. Nice ambient effects. Audio is the best thing about the game. Excellent voice work. Musical score fits the game perfectly.

This other review is also an interesting watch to try and understand people's problems with this game. Most of us are experienced with AOD by now. This is a casual player who relies on intuitive actions to proceed through the game, there were a lot of expectations back in the day for this game so a lot of new players most likely played the same way and faced the same issues. He's playing on PS2 FYI.


To sum it up:
- Manual grab is an apparent issue.
- He falls off ledges easily.
- He doesn't properly align himself with ledges and ladders, taking him a long time to climb a platform or get on a ladder.
- He attempts to jump over fences but Lara won't because the game mechanics recquire him to stop and press Foward.
- He says the camera spins around Lara a lot.
- Also mentions problems with enemies AI.
- Says the story is stupid. Doesn't feel like Tomb Raider. Dialogue is flat and robotic. Dialogues choices have very little effect. Dialogues go on forever and can't fastforward
- Says the game doesn't explain things to him. By this he means "hints".
- Says the game should have auto-save, comparing it to other games from early PS2 era.

In his defense, he is quite right about some aspects. While the game doesn't require us to press Action when getting off a drainpipe or holding onto a ladder or even doing a standing jump to reach a platform, it does require Action when doing a running jump to a platform. It's a bit confusing how this works tbh.
Having to constantly align yourself in front of a ladder, a drainpipe, an item or at the edge of a bin can be quite annoying if you're new to the game. It's not very intuitive, nor is the fence vault animation. Lara should be able to vault over it by simply running at it.
Enemy AI is very basic in this game but then again a lot of animations went unused so can't say much about that...
The dialogue trees are not my favorite thing in the game either but I do know there used to be a fast forward function that was removed...
It's a good thing Core Design ditched the GPS save-game system LOL

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I agree about the auto-save, especially with the type of game AOD was aiming to be- some checkpoints would have been nice every now and then.
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