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View Poll Results: Which reboot game has the best outfit selection?
Tomb Raider 9 6.52%
Rise of the Tomb Raider 74 53.62%
Shadow of the Tomb Raider 18 13.04%
Please use unique game titles next time CD, 'Tomb Raider' was already taken 37 26.81%
Voters: 138. You may not vote on this poll

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Despite how awful most of the outfits are, Shadow has the Best ones too. The tactical adventurer (+ its classic recolour), the adventurer one and the dlc one with the open shirt are the best in the reboot.

Kudos to the antartica reimagined in Rise, very nice too. Nade the game more bearable to me.
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I should have voted the last option.

Rise wins on the fact that there is no such thing as an outfit restriction. So it is always a pleasure to change outfits. I always use the default outfits in Rise but I always change to the reimagined Antartica outfit after seeing the Atlas with Jonah and Jacob at the observatory. Shadow of the Tomb Raider however may have a hell lot of awful tribal outfits and abysmal restrictions but the other outfits were great. I loved the tactical adventurer both original and recolor, the manor outfit and the casual one. I even like the Blue Heron Tunic now, it's grown on me a lot. Shame this game had so many tribal outfits and lameass restrictions, the actual non tribal outfits were really good.
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Linoshi Croft
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I said Tomb Raider. The outfit selection was minute, but the section was atleast interesting or suitable for the location.
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Thanks for the poll Justin

Wow, I didn't think so many shared a similar opinion as me. After playing through Rise some the outfit selection to me is absolute best. My top favorite of them all is the red expedition jacket. Everything about that outfit is just perfect. The jacket is modern and stylish for the adventure. Her pants are actually forum fitting and look perfect. I love all the little tools and the second strap on her pants. They looks like they could easily turn into classic shorts.

Then you have the boots which is high enough up and I love the black and yellow spike combination. It's absolute the most iconic outfit for Rise in my opinion.

I love the variety of the outfits and even some of the tribal outfits actually look similar to some stuff you would find in the mall for winter. Love the classic Uzi and the TR3 outfit.

My second favorite is the Valiant explorer outfit with again form fitting pants. high heeled boots that just make her look so good and fit her so well.

I don't know how they could get her outfits so right in Rise, but really miss the mark in Shadow.
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Daft Raider
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I voted for the last option because none of the games have good outfit selections.
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Originally Posted by charmedangelin View Post
I don't know how they could get her outfits so right in Rise, but really miss the mark in Shadow.
I mean, the ones who are actually adventure-looking in SotTR actually look really good as well. And let's not forget that RotTR had many "ancient armour" outfits that look as dreadful as most tribal outfits in SotTR. And some of those tribal outfits do look good, contrary to those armours.

Both games have really big hits and really big misses regarding the outfits themselves. Personally, the only thing that RotTR has an advantage to SotTR in that regard (and is a really big advantage, mind) is the lack of outfit restriction.
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Yuna´s Wish
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Shadow, easily. But Rise's outfits menu is way better.
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Evan C.
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Definitively Rise, specially with the AOD facial animated outfit. That's glorious.
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Tomb Raidering
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Expedition Jacket, Desert Tank, Gray/Blue Henley, Leather Jacket and an HQ animated AoD skin. Rise, of course. Enough said.....

The legacy outfits are unreasonably downgraded on Shadow. ???
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Rise definitely, my favourite is still the first Reboot game outfit, as has been said, it tells a story along the way.
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