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Originally Posted by xspacedude View Post
And btw, you’re getting closer to the first DLC, have fun!
I was?! I already left the town and didn't notice the symbol on the map. Will check on my next section, thanks for the heads up! I guess an in game message would be nice, shame they took it out.

I played a little bit more yesterday, but it was sort of a short section. Not too eager to reach that city that shall not be named so I mainly just went through the trials.

I like tombs.

- It turns out that the goal of this section, "Complete the trial of the jaguar", is just a fancy way of saying "Swim through this corridor". I understand how that would be challenging in real life, but for gaming purposes that was a really underwhelming trial. You just swim from point A to point B. There's nothing else there. No wonder I didn't remember this from my first playthrough. Not that I would like a bigger swimming section, by the way. But for a series of in game trials, this one isn't really worth the title.

- Here you have eels instead of piranas. The animation you are forced to watch when one grabs you is annoying but at least you have a chance to move on with the game instead of being instakilled.

- Why is it called the jaguar if there are eels, btw? Couldn't they call it The Trial of the Eel? Or replace the flooded area with something more Jaguariy? I don't get it.

- As it turns out, the next mission, "Complete the trial of the spider", is also just a fancy way of saying "Climb this". I don't understand why they felt the need to call this a goal, because the climb is really just like any other regular climb that came before in the game. There's nothing that makes it challenging. Again, I understand that it may be a trial for your regular Joe, but you are in a game. You expect something more unique when the game says you have a series of trials to complete before reaching "the hidden city". Remove their names and you would be just like in any other area of the game.

- At least the animal related to the trial makes more sense though.

- Also, ironic that we have to endure trials to enter the place that the majority of us wants to avoid Not worth it, if you ask me.

- Next, is the trial of the Eagle. At least one of them is memorable enough to earn the title of actually being an in game trial. Lara comes out impressed at the sight and she should be, it's indeed beautiful.

So beautiful that I will change to classic outfit next.

- One thing that always bugged me on LAU is that those games would always lead to a huge open space after making you go through a series of gates and traps. Underworld was especially guilt of this. I always felt that all those protection mechanisms were useless and you could always reach your goals by simply climbing a wall or two. That doesn't happen here. This is the prime example of an open area that still gives you the impression that it is so hidden, that the way you took is really the way to reach it. It's protected by nature, not only by the mechanisms. It's open but you still have to make your way through it.

- This is the puzzle I remember the most, and no wonder it was one of the most promoted pieces of the game. It's simple yet requires a bit of thinking, transversals skills and observation. Had a few problems with the camera, though. Also, not having the game prompting which moves I have to do makes for such a better experience than it was on launch. Finding your way is an essencial part of this puzzle after all.

- But the way, this single piece of game is almost a short version of Anniversary, just less dull. You climb up, down and sideways, grapple your way through it and even does a wall run. Put in a few QTE and you do basically what you spend the whole of Anniversary doing.

Sometimes to understand your future.... wait.

- As much as I like these type of sections, it bugs me a little bit that all of post-Core tombs and puzzles involve such huge spaces with big mechanisms. I always prefer those which looks more like real life: smaller spaces, smaller interconnected rooms and mechanisms which I cannot fully see. It seems like everything must be so grand to impress, ignoring the fact that they would be more impressive if not all of them were so... impressive. It's always the same grandeur mania that plagues their Lara bio, she must be some sort of world saving hero or else she doesn't matter as a character.

- Meanwhile, Jonah is trying to catch me. If I understood correctly, he is going through the same passages I did before, just through different ways? Otherwise all of those trials fall under Underworld category a little bit. Kinda like the tomb in Cozumel.

- The collectibles already start mentioning Paititi. That's the problem with this section. I remember very few things of Shadow, but I do remember what this trial means: Paititi is next. I was excited to reach it back then, not so much now. Things may change though, let's see how it goes.

Bye bye, freedom! Will miss you!
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