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Default DL: Tomb Raider and Unfinished Business Combined


So thanks to the work of rr- on Tomb raider 1's Code i managed to combine the Main Game with the expansion Pack into one exe.

Levels go seamlessly like they are one game. The Ending Cutscene now plays after the level "The Hive" before going into egypt for a second time.

The Video I uploaded shows what it will look like. I'm using a level skip so don't be surprised at the fast skips. Levels themselves are untested. I only tested the transition.


What you need:

- tomb raider 1 main: https://github.com/rr-/Tomb1Main

and my changed code (link in my video)

Just go to the cfg folder and exchange the files.

Have fun
Hi, I'm Marissa. I'm super excited to take trf's look to the next level.
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Well you completed that game quickly!
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This is so cool! Thank you for sharing. I will try it out.
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Craig Michaels
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Good to know, thanks for working on that!

The video is truly like a “Tomb Raider in 30 seconds”
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Originally Posted by smoogie7 View Post
Well you completed that game quickly!
The speedrunners will be trembling.

As a non-PC gamer, I'm yet to have the thrills of playing the golds.
It only takes one person to be right.
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Perfect! All these years later and the levels can finally be played as intended.
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This is such a good idea to move the ending cutscene after the two atlantis gold levels !
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