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Default Mists Of Avalon

- Croft manor -
This will be a mix of old manor and Legend manor but it will also have areas never seen in a Croft manor before. It will have training elements and it will feature plenty of house related puzzles. AND it will introduce the player to the story.

Due to the amount of detail I have put in the manor I had to split it into 4 seperate levels. Parts 2, 3 and 4 are connected and you can go back and forth between them once you have opened the doors.
1. Croft Manor - Courtyard [finished]
2. Croft Manor - Downstairs [finished]
3. Croft Manor - Upstairs [finished]
4. Croft Manor - Basements [finished]

- Caves and ruins -
Some underground caves and ruins in which Lara finds the first solid clue to King Arthur and Avalon. (Remake of the Weekly Business - Tuesday level)
5. The Digsite [finished]
6. The Lost Realm [finished]
7. Good and Evil? [finished]
8. X Marks the Spot [finished]

- End cutscenes -
End cutscene 1 [finished]
End cutscene 2 [finished]

Screenshot showcase



Croft Manor




Main Hall

Bedroom: sittingroom

Updated sittingroom


The Gym

The Digsite

Old digsite corridors and old shed

My new skeleton in a skeleton-on-stick pose

One corner of the main chapel area

Some corridors

X Marks the Spot

Click the images for a 1680x1050 version.


Updates on Mists of Avalon - Road to Avalon


0. Croft Manor [WIP]
One level used for training purposes. This time you will be able to explore the lands behind the manor. There will be gardens, and assaultcourse and a racetrack.
You can practice and see all new moves for Lara here, and there will be puzzles to solve.
You can access this level through the "Croft Manor" entry in the Main Menu of the game.

1. Cutscene 1 - Previously in Mists of Avalon: Techroom cutscene from the end of "First Clues" . [WIP]
2. Cutscene 2 - Arriving at the coast and getting information from Zip and Alister [WIP]
3. Seagull Bay [WIP - 2 levels]
4. King Arthur's Tomb? [WIP - 3 levels]
5. Seagull Bay [WIP - 2 levels: it will be nighttime now]
6. Remnants of Atlantis [WIP - 3 levels: 1 underwater level, 2 ruins and caves)]
7. Cutscene 3 - Arriving at Avalon and meeting Morgana [WIP]

Names are not final, the number of levels might also change.
8. Avalon [Not yet started]
9. Avalon - The Stone of Omphalis [Not yet started]

Why 2 or even 3 levels per location?
Well, I had to split levels due to running into limitations.
Not all levels are very long. They are simply the result of the splits, and this is also the reason that they have the same name.

Screenshot showcase


Fisherman's Cove

Seagull Bay

King Arthur's Tomb?

If it walks like a duck and if it quacks like a duck, it is a duck.

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Thumbs up

Sounds very good to me , I love all your levels, they are brilliant. I can't wait to play the manor level! (manor levels are my favourite lol ) <3

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It sounds really interesting. for the info.
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Oooh....another Titak levelset. Keep me posted, but I'll have to finish himalayan mysteries first.
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Sounds great so far Titak! Just take your time, we can all wait for the greatness that is another Titak level!
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Oh Titak, you're such a celebrity! Everyone wants to know what you're up to! Hope the level building goes smoothly for you!
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Brave Step Titia i wish you all the best in this. Darn Crystal eh?

please don't rush our dear mod guys
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OMG! Yay! You certainly started level building again pretty fast after making HM. Don't you think you need a break? It sounds great, take your time like HM, that was definatley worth the wait ;D
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yay i really hope this goes well, titak
Don't worry... Be happy ツ
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Bom Chika Bom Bom Can't wait for pics
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