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Default To jump or not to jump ?

Hi everyone, it's been a while since I came here But in fact I'm checking the news regularly... And I'm glad to see that TE and TEN is in good shape !

I plan to continue my building journey which I moved a bit to the side due to studies and graduations, so here I am.
Lastly I switched from windows to Mac and well, of course, TEN is not supposed to work on it so I'm running it through Parallels and it seems to work well. TRNG and classic engines do not work (DX things I don't understand) so I tried to convert my old and dusty TRNG project to TEN. It worked but I think I'll restart it from semi-scratch to be sure to use correctly the functions and such.. And because some gameplay "features" are not working correctly in TEN even if they did in TRNG. I'm talking about gameplay related to the room itself and how Lara is reacting to it. For exemple, I used a lot of "direct backjump from a slope", I don't know if I'm clear... But in TEN when Lara climbs a slope, she can't jump backward directly, she just glides and falls. I have no problem when Lara is landing on a slope and then jump backward directly.

I post here because I don't think it's an issue but more than the way it's supposed to work in TEN now ? At first glance I thought it was because I press multiple keys at once but no, even if I press only the jump button, she is not jumping. aah, and I changed the controls, I switched the Jump from Alt to the W (Z) and the action from Ctrl to X, I don't know if it's a useful info for you.. And of course, TE/TEN is up to date.

Happy building (or coding) everyone
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not again!
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nice to see you back, LCEF (CA)! For what it's worth, grabbing the edge of a slope, pulling up and jumping backwards before Lara can slide off works in TEN on my end.
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I tried different configurations and I noticed that it happened when the square is broken, so maybe it's an issue then
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I finally got a chance to use TombEngine more now. I had asked about adding an effect to a mesh. Lwmte was kind enough to advice me to use the particle generator (moveables) node. But I am a bit confused about this node.

The node itself doesn't allow me to choice an effect but I see it does allow me to pick which mesh to set it to. How would I be able to add the fire effect? I tried attaching it to "set moveable effect" node. Which allows me to set "fire" as an option. But it still sets the effect to the entire moveable.
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You can simply recreate the effect yourself with the particle editor. It not complicated and it gives the advantage to be fully customizable from the size to the color and the sprite.
For the light you have the dynamic light effect but I don't know how you can set the flickering effect.

edit: After searching a bit I find the EmitFire(pos, size) here
So you can maybe create a function to tell the engine the set this effect and in the "pos" value you put maybe the Moveable:GetJointPosition(index) ?

It tells Joint Position but only Lara have one so I suppose that for other moveable it gives the mesh position ?

I'll try.

edit 2: It works. I tried with the DOBERMAN and set up this function:
function firedoberman()
local doberman = GetMoveableByName("doberman_10")

I use GetMoveableByName and not BySlot because this second one doesn't seems to work, maybe it's not meant to be use like that. But for the position, even if it says JointPosition, for moveable other than Lara it counts as the mesh position. For the doberman, the ID 19 is for the head.


I have a question about extra animations. I would like to create a short cutscene so I put an animation after the original ones. To give some "air" between gameplay animations and cutscene one, I put some empty one to have mine into the 580 ID. But when I trigger it it uses the 12th one from the LARA_EXTRA_ANIM. I understand what is the problem which is not really one but TE seems to use LARA and LARA_EXTRA_ANIM as a whole so it means that the first animation of the extra ones is the 569 and so on.. So we cannot put more animations into the LARA slot ? or with an ID going after the last EXTRA_ANIM ID ?
So if I want to put extra animations where I should put them ? Into LARA or EXTRA_ANIM ?

For the moment I'll put it into the EXTRA_ANIM and count the right ID because TE seems to want it that way, but I'm wondering if it's a good idea. Maybe I'm doing it all wrong, it's why I'm asking ^^'

edit: yes, no, it does not work at all if I put the animation into the EXTRA, the ID are not the same anymore and it calls animation from the weapons animations, I'm more confused.

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Default Congratulations!!!

Congratulations on the release of TEN, I'm enjoying it tremendously🤗

I was wondering about the limitations of tomb engine, especially about displaying user interfaces and pictures. Are we able to display picture elements or custom ui elements?

Let's say the use case scenario that im thinking of: display jpg or static image when i examine a diary/pda object

Also let's say we want to display an enemy health bar, is it possible yet?

Thanks TEN team you are all amazing!
You are so loved.
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