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Originally Posted by CircusBabysGal View Post
hold on, have I missed something?
This is what you missed, it is his fairwell message on his profile, see picture below.

Many are saying that this is the secret message he left as mentioned on Chi's fairwell video, but it is not very secret, is it.
My bet his secret message is in one of his Threads over the years. and there is a lot of them. Some of us have started searching for it, well I have

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It's such a sad time to hear the passing of a wonderful member of the Tomb Raider Community. Chi always had that way of brightening up peoples day and bring us together for a good couple of laughs when we needed it and had that unique style of eccentric approach to most of his content, which is why it was so successful and because of all the things he has done, he will be greatly missed but also remembered through his own content.

I do believe the secret message is disguised in the statement "Beyond the Floating Islands" due to the capitalisation, which obviously referenced his interesting Tomb Raider styled name of the afterlife but it could also mean something else. You never know, it could be a mod, level or video he was secretly working on, just waiting for the right time to be shown, such as a week after the Farewell video itself.
"She will live on forever in our hearts."
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Fiamma Patrick
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I don't think anymore videos are going to be coming out. I think it's all set in stone with what's happening. And yes, Beyond the Floating Islands probably referred to the afterlife.
RIP Great Chi :(
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Tomb Raider
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I only just saw this. And I canít believe it.

Iíve seen some of his videos from the past and he made me laugh at times, but itís sad when a popular member of the forum whoís name you have seen for so long passed away

RIP the Great Chi
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Just seen this news now. Iím devastated The Great Chi was one of my inspirations, and had been since I was around 9 years old. Heís one of the reasons I started making YouTube videos as a teenager and I always loved his videos so much. Rest In Peace Chi, we love you forever and always <3
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Oh gosh, he did help me out in my early days of modding, and of course he improved the braid model for TR1 braid mod.

RIP, Chi.
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Originally Posted by Fiamma Patrick View Post
Basically, it was Chi's son granting permission to us in order to keep his videos I assume. Just don't reupload them to Youtube. But we can archive them as far as I am aware.
Thank you for the info
DXtre3D Veteran ; RIP The Great Chi
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Awful news. There will never be another like Chi.

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Only heard about this today. This is so sad. RIP Chi!

I'll really miss him. He was one of the few people who explored aspects of the TR games that no one else thought about exploring like the cars in the Japan level of TRL. Also once he sent me a USB thumb drive with a Steam compatible version of TRAFly because he couldn't figure out how to upload it anywhere without it being deleted by automatic antivirus software. I guess that that thumb drive has now become very special.
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I did not see this sad news until today.

Another highly respected Tomb Raider expert gone; he's both entertained and helped many, many people for as long as I've been here.

His presence and his invaluable contribution to this forum will be missed greatly.
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