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Happy for you, Portugalraider! Were always here for you, even if you just need to vent or talk about it.
TRF: Im so very sorry. Were all out of logic and reason.
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Originally Posted by Athukraz View Post
Just turned 19 and I feel like a failure and that I'm out of time.
Psssssh, dude relax. You still have plenty of time to figure out the life you want. There are people in their mid to late 20's paying $100,000 a semester in college, who are going to graduate and still not know what they want to do with life.

Originally Posted by Portugalraider View Post

Well, after what is definitely in the top 2 of worst weeks of my life, I am feeling ready to go back to being more active here in TRF again. But still in small doses, I still cannot handle most of the drama that goes through here.

The wounds are still fresh, of course, and will never fully heal. But I feel that both me and my brother are very focus on how to move on and have very similar ideas on how to handle stuff from now on. It's always good when things seem to make some sort of sense in the middle of a terrible situation.
We need you back! You're one of the few reasonable people that made it bearable to come on the site, despite the drama

I really hope you keep moving forward. I'm glad you've made it this far.
I only play for sic parvis magna.
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Thank you guys. It really helps.
Dear TRF: Y'all deserve a million tribal outfits... -_-
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