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Originally Posted by Rai View Post
I don't know what plot points you were expecting, Tsarina, but quite honestly, I feel that expected plots, or speculative plot points should have been reserved for the book series, not the show. For seasons 7 and 8 especially, they basically kept to big moments for the characters, and none of the nuanced conversations and smaller details that the first five seasons had. This didn't make it bad (imo) exactly, but it did make it feel rushed, particularly for Dany. Sure, once she arrived at Westeros, she had one setback or loss after another, but it still felt like vital scenes were missing. Season 8 would have definitely benefited from the full 10 episodes. I do wonder if part of this was due to knowing they had to get the characters someplace, physically or emotionally, but were also aware that they can't compete with George and deliberately left it to him to do it all properly in the books (whenever that is).

And in his latest blog, he didn't say the ending will be different, he actually said yes and no, but that his ending will be more involved and the journeys might be different. I guess we'll find out at least for WoW, which may come out in 2020 as George has apparently hinted at in one interview.
I really wanted them to discuss the "prince that was promised" more in the later seasons. That was something that was discussed and then never really brought to light again. Perhaps not plots per se but still some questions left unanswered such as what the point of Cersai's and Arya's prophecy were. Cersai dying at the hands of her brother and Arya killing green eyes, which granted maybe some of the other people she had killed before had green eyes I am not sure. It just felt like a very rushed season to me.

Ah okay, interesting. Hm well that's kind of a shame if the ending isn't different I was really expecting more.
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The prophecy about the Volonquar (sp?) wasn't mentioned in the show, only the books. I'm thinking the show left it out on purpose. The show only had the parts about Cersei's children. And green eyes really could be referencing any character on Arya's list. Again it could be a show only thing as I don't remember a scene like that in the books. The eyes not the list. Which is why speculation and theories should only apply to the books as once the show passed the books, the show played it safe possibly so to not second guess the books not finished yet. Some of these plot or character points (like the Prince that was promised) are too big to be spoiled by the show, imo, so I'm fine with them not doing so.
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The making of:

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I was okay with the finale, more than most I think, but that was hilarious.
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This is the best way to describe the entire season.

Originally Posted by Cochrane View Post
While that was nice closure for him, I kind of hated that Brienne did the writing. It makes sense in terms of her job, sure, but it means that her arc ends as the woman hopelessly pining over a guy. I don't think that did her justice.
While I do see why most people would think Jaime's redemption arc on the show was undermined by him coming back to Cersei, I didn't mind it. I just hated they made him look like a 15 year old f***boy by sleeping with Brienne and leaving the next day. But as long as I ignore that part, show Jaime didn't have an intricate redemption arc like the books, and show Cersei is much more tame and human than book Cersei.

Also I personally relate to going back to a toxic ex. I did that a few too many times when I was still madly in love with my abusive ex, and at the time as much as I knew he wasn't good enough for me I still couldn't help but feel "it might be bad with him, but it's way worse without him". It's a terrible mentality and I was only able to shake it off after a long time. It might sound silly reading it like this, but honestly it's one of those kinds of situations one has to go through themselves to truly understand what it feels like, and I hope none of you ever do.

I have to agree with you though, it was quite unfair for Brienne's character to have her deal with this but I think it might be one of those things that might it would have worked if there had been more time to develop. I could see something similar happen in the books even if I personally don't think it will.
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Originally Posted by Tsarina View Post
I was rewatching the series but now I have stopped as I know certain plots will never be fufilled.
Me too I've been rewatching the series from season 1 in between the weekly season 8 episodes just to catchup on some plot details that I may have forgotten but after the final episode I just stopped rewatching the old seasons and lost all interest in everything game of thrones related. The show is not bad, just the writing is not on par with the way it used to be. You can tell that the creators were burned out and they just want to move on to other things.
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Originally Posted by thabani33 View Post
The making of:

I was so surprised when people were bothered that Arya had consensual sex with Gendry. Don't remember anyone being bothered by Tommen having sex with Margaery Tyrell.

...And Arya fed a man his own sons as a pie and cut off his head. And stabbed the eyes out of another man... And killed a whole bunch.

But consensual sex, gods forbid!

Other than that, this video was very accurate.
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These behind the scenes shots are killing me

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