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Lightbulb Creating A Level- Covering Many Aspects

This tutorial is designed to allow any begginer to create a level and use some simple triggers and techniques to create a level that they invision...

First we start by loading RoomEdit, in my case I have also loaded a program called bremse which when opened will make the editor a nice speed and not too fast.

This is what we all start of with at the beggining. Notice the dark panel to the right, this is where your textures will be. First load in the textures from your texture file that you want to use. In this example lets stick with the tut1 textures.

The reason i always load the textures first is it is actually possible to cause graphical bugs in the game if the objects are loaded first, its quite rare but a good practice non the less.

Now you want to load your object file so navigate to OBJECTS and then at the bottom, LOAD OBJECTS.

Then in the TRLE (Tomb Raider Level Editor) find the file called graphics, then wads then select tut1 and then get the tut1.WAD file to use.

A WAD is basicly the objects for your level and as seen in the screenshot, when you improve you learn how to add even more!

Now that we have the two things to start, lets begin by bounding up the room to 6x6 squares.

Now I understand that a similar tutorial explains how to do these first steps very well I might add, but I want to include some handy tips...
The room has quite a tall ceiling so in this case lets keep it, the textures in the level editor will stretch or shrink to what ever size the square is, in the walls case it will be stretched terribly, so lets sort that out.

First select the wall side and right click and drag to select an entire wall.

Now the idea is that by pressing the Room + and - and the Ceiling + and - you can add extra lines to split things up. I use the keyboard keys where I use this simple visualisation...


I remember that Q and E are two seperate lines and by pressing Q you can raise the line and pressing E will create another line, experiment and press all these keys to get a feel for how it works.

Now that we have our split room, instead of explaining about textures which has already been covered in other tutorials, im going to give some handy advice on triggers for the begginer...

Lets start by adding lara to the game and then adding textures and lighting (lighting is also covered in another tutorial).

Now I put the light settings to 32 which is a good starting point and then added some light.

Now for this example, textures aside we are going to script a door to open when we pull a lever.

Quick Tips : Right click on an object to rotate
Alt click can be used with some lights ect
Ctrl and arrow keys to move object around room

So, we have our two rooms connected with a door but the only thing here so far is lara

Now lets add a door from the objects list and place it right where the room meets the next room. Rotate the door to fit if nesscecary.

Now find an object called LEVERSWITCH1 its near the door object and place it anywhere in the room, i decided to place it next to the door for convienence.

Now here is the hard bit, first (in any order but we will go this way) select the switch and then select the ground below it.

There is a pink option on the right hand side called the trigger, notice it now says the trigger for the switch, BUT to make it work you must change the trigger type to switch. Click on the trigger writing and then click where it says TYPE and then select SWITCH as it is a switch to open the door.
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Now press OK and then making sure you have that ground BELOW the switch selected, press the pink button to place and activate the switch trigger, the reason you do it in this order is you must select the object then the ground, and then do the trigger options, then press the pink button. Or you can select the object do the options and then select the area and press the pink box.

More Tips : The "ONE SHOT" option in the trigger menu means that you can only do it once, so that switch can only trigger something once, lets leave it off for now. Those numbers 1,2,3,4,5 mean that this 1 switch will complete the trigger.

You could have 2 switches where one was 1,2,3 and the other was 4,5. Meaning together they would complete the trigger and activate whatever it is you want to activate

Now, select the door and then select the box below the switch and press the pink button, thats it ! The door is now linked to the trigger of the switch, meaning that when the switch is activated it will activate the doors function which is to open.

Ok, now that we have our room and a working door, lets get some bad guys in haha. First find baddy_1 from the menu and place him in the room, somewhere hidden or in a corner maybe.

I have put him behind lara !, but he wont appear untill he is triggered, meaning that lara needs to cross or jump over a certain area for him to appear. So, in true tomb raider style lets make it so he appears when she has her back to him...

First select the baddy_1, notice how i do this with FACE VIEW of to stop any confusion. Then drag an area where if lara goes over he will appear...

Then press the pink trigger button to create the baddy and his trigger spot !

Now that we have our baddy, the door and switch... all thats left in part 1 of my tutorials is to show you how to add some shocking music to go with the suprise baddy attack !, this is quite an easy bit but can be tricky if not explained.

First select the trigger box next to the pink box and to make a new trigger just do it, hehe it wont delete any triggers dont worry. Now where it says TRIGGER, change it to CD and where it says 0 leave that as that is the short shock we want. To change the sound you must make sure you know what number the sound is called. They are all located in the TRLE/Audio/Sounds and each have their own number from 0 to 110 and more i think...

Now make sure we turn on the ONE SHOT or else it will make that noise every time you go there !!.

Now press OK and then select the same area as the baddy_1 trigger is so they both happen at the same time, meaning she cant go and make the baddy appear without making the music play

Now thats it, Lets save this amazing level (lol) over the tut1 file as we used the tut1 textures and the tut1 WAD (the objects).

Now an important question is that a message may display saying "cannot overlap special triggers", this is becuase some triggers cannot work together so you can either work around it or create a HEAVY trigger which means that that thing being activated will then activate... so lets say you wanted the door to place music when it opened you would set the door trigger type to HEAVY and when the door opens, the music that you set below it should play if i am correct

Thats all for part 1, in part 2 we discuss the magical OCB settings and how to liven up your enemies !!
Editing my comments is the only way I improve !! :D
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