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Originally Posted by Hateshinai View Post
So Eric got fired too ?

Nah, I kid. Yeah he was one of the ones to bite the bullet after all his hard work on Underworld. He has agreed to answer our questions and is trying hard to answer all of them. So, just leave any and I'm sure he'll get round to it.
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@marcocatena: Lol,yeah 1.5mil is far from a failure,imo.

Originally Posted by tlr online View Post
I can answer that for you Slate. Beneath The Ashes will be available mid to late January.
Great!Thanks for this Justin.

Originally Posted by KC Mraz View Post
No. She went to work to another company a few weeks/months ago.

Is most likely coincidence but that girl sure did it in the right time before probably being fired lmao
Whaaat? 0_o
I really liked her and the way she presented Underworld in the Beneath the Surface vids.
Do you know which company she's working for now?(well she's probably not working now since she's taking care of the baby ^_^)
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Originally Posted by marcocatena View Post
rofl, that's so true
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Originally Posted by Supernova View Post
rofl, that's so true
yeh, 1.5 million is good considering the time TRU came out a lot of other big titles did aswel, like Gears of War, LittleBigPlanet, Fallout 3 etc.
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william croft
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Firstly, I feel very sorry for you Eric, Im sure with your skills you will be able to find a new job without a worry.

I will come onto questions in a bit, but I would just like to explain why I think TR:U didnt sell as many copies. Firstly DLC, when confirmed it was everywhere, every gaming website and many people boycotted the game, because they were dissapointed (PC, PS3) then came the no trophies shock on PS3, trophies HELP the sales figures, many people buy games Just for trophies yet CD/EIDOS left them off, this comes to my first question.. Why? Will there be a patch that you know of?

Again, I wish you luck with finding a new job.
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Eric,(and i think i'm speaking for all the fans here) my respect for answering all these questions is beyond words...I also respect the fact that if you don't know about something (such as the PS3 demo question) you simply state that you don't know instead of lying.
I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for offering your precious time to the fans and explaining with detailed answers what has happened and also giving us your own view on various things.

One last question...

If you had more time to develop the game (lets say one year) would you have included the content that was cut out (and ended as a part of the DLC) to the main game?

Thanks in advance!
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First of all you have my sympathy, Eric.

I just have one questions. If CDs new focus is on TR, as stated in the one of the news releases, that should mean that even more CD resources will be devoted to the next game, even after they trim the staff. Is that how you understand the recent action?
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I was just wondering.

Was the disappearing rain in Mexico supposed to happen?
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i'm really sorry to hear you lost your job eric, it's obvious you really care about the franchise and its fans. it's really good of you to answer all these questions for us!

i really enjoyed underworld, i think it's the best TR game in years. the only issues i had with it were the lack of death scenes and i would have loved a couple more levels. apart from that, it was a real joy to play.
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I really do feel sorry for you Mr. Lindstrom !
You did a such gread job y'all at CD with Tomb Raider last years ...
It's sad they fired you just like that, because the sales weren't what they expected they would be ...

I hope you'll get to work back soon . Even if it's TR related or not

I don't have any particular questions to ask you if it's not if you did have take a look to the TRLE section, some people there are making some good things out of it
Have you ever tried the TRLE ? I'd like to see you in the TRLE community, building levels along with us

I was pleased to hear from you. I scrolled down all the thread thus making me having no question since I read all I wanted to know ^^
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