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Hi Eric!

I've got couple of simple questions:
1-Which was the "WOW!" location that was refered in interviews? The one which would leave the player saying: "Did they relly do that?".
2-Were Heilhem's and Atlanti's similar architecture meant to mean something?

Thanks! Wish you all the best!

Forgot one!
3-Were the PS3/PC versions ports of the 360 one?

Two actually! =)
4-Why did you cut such outfits as the white snow heavy outfit? It looked completed and, at first sight, there was no reason to drop it.
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Hello there Eric! Welcome. Firstly, very sorry to hear that you were one of the 'sacrificed'. I guess when you're the head name for a particular project and underhanded execs are looking for scapegoats, then you're going to be victimised. Rest assured that I in now way feel that you should be in your current situation and find the methodology of Eidos' ploys to please shareholders despicable. Secondly, thank you for taking time at what must be a fiarly hectic and confusing juncture for you to come here and share information and become part of the community.

Originally Posted by Squamula View Post
The only feasible solution was to render out movies and put in a movie player, but there wasn't nearly enough room on the disc for this. We jammed everything onto the disc we could for the game itself and there was no room for movies. It was a sad day for me, but what else could we do?
I'm interested in this statement. Presumably, you refer here only to the PC/360/Wii versions of the game here, given that the capacity for storage on blu-ray discs is much higher than that of DVD-9? Given this situation, was there ever any thought given to the possibility of a multi-disc release for the lower-capacity versions? Or to include the cutscenes as FMVs on one of the discs of the collector's edition?

A lot of people have asked about what you would have done differently in TRU's development given the time again, or have focussed on negative aspects. I'm going to go against the grain

What aspects of TRU's development do you think were particularly successful and what in the game do you think worked particularly well? Were there any areas of the game that turned out exactly as you imagined them?

Thanks again for answering our questions
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Not got a question but look, Eric's become famous(er): Kotaku mention, quote and link to this thread

And I've linked back .

Thanks for answering my questions (again) Eric .
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^ Ugh. How are these secrets "nasty"? LOL.
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Oh my goodness, Mr. Epic himself on our forums! I feel very sorry for you, hope you can get over it.
Since you are not allowed to answer questions about future games and the DLC, I would appreciate if you could answer Rivendell's questions because that one's quite interesting.
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Originally Posted by Dingaling View Post
Not got a question but look, Eric's become famous(er): Kotaku mention, quote and link to this thread

And I've linked back .

Thanks for answering my questions (again) Eric .
nice, big chance that other game sites post it on there sites too, so everyone will know it(if they should only at that its all eidos fault)
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Tomb Raider
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Red face

A silly suggestion, could this Thread be stickied for awhile.
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Hi Eric!! I feel very sorry for you

You said you weren't involved in the PS2 version but you have to know sth about the development proces. You could you please tell me and others who are anxiously awaiting this version everything you know. Even if it is just a little a bit. thanks in advance
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Cool Work in the game industry before opening the mouth

Originally Posted by Love2Raid View Post
I agree on you here. That is not what all the drama is about though. Apparently people from Eidos have claimed here that the DLC was new and not cut from the game.

Now I don't know if this means 1. never intended to be in the game (so stuff they ditched very early in the process), or 2. created specifically for the DLC.

But if they meant option 2 by saying 'not cute from the game', than that would be a lie, since we have learned today part of it was old stuff from the game.
Ok guys, I´ve been observing these threads and noticing some forum noobs and a supposed Eidos worker trying to witch hunt Jay and Keir about the DLC.

I´m Sblade, many people here may know me as a crusader anti DRM, Securom and his cronies. But only a few know that I work and volunteer for a software developer (not Eidos), I´ve been honored to beta test and participate in the development of a recent game, so I know what I´m talking about....

Many concepts, characters, ships, weapons, etc are designed before the Release Candidate is applied. Many of these concepts are just NOT READY to be ready at launch so they must be discarded or the game will suck big time.

Now for what I´ve read. Eidos crime is using those discarded concepts (due to the lack of time) for the DLC.

People, with all due respect, I suggest you enter to work in here and put your skin in the man who takes the decission and is responsible to keep Lara alive. You can´t make more TR´s with no money, and if you want to have better freedom in next games, you´ll have to make your game as profitable as you can.

Neither the banks, or the investors, give a damn **** about Lara, the game, DLC, whatever. They want their investments as profitable as possible. And the men who made the decissions had to look at the 2 sides of the coin.

It is too easy to criticize after we see how things have done and someone has screwed up. OK, write your ideas and concepts and how you´ll be a great Manager to Goran Agar at Eidos forums, so we can see how really you do better than the current people who are working into it.

Jaywalker personally, for the little I´ve seen, is a great Lara fan that is open-minded and respects the people around here. As an example 99,9% of the DRM decissions makers don´t EVER speak in a public forum, and about the idea of expressing himself the reasons of his choice is something I´ve never seen in my many years of experience.

Many other Mastering Chiefs don´t give a **** about informing about their decissions, neither speaking about it. So here´s my 10 thumbs down for those criticizing Jay. Go to EA forums and you´ll see how they care about fans


Now in a more polite way. I´m asking some people here to get their facts straight before "witchhunting". Get a friend in the industry, try to get more reliable sources when getting critical info, and you´ll eventually have the truth.

Wide savage speaking and rant goes nowhere, damages both Eidos, Lara and the fans

Regards and Happy Gaming
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Hello Eric, I don't have any specific questions but I understand that this could affect later jobs you wish to take and my sympathies are with you.
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