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Originally Posted by Squamula View Post
Edsta: My favorite was TR1 because I always love the first, but I have very good feelings about TR2, also. I loved Lost Valley, Cistern, cat mummies in Egypt, the doppelganger fight, coming out on the underground Sphynx, turning into gold, and training in the mansion.
Nice one Eric, thanks for answering me.
Also good answer, TR1 and 2 will always be my favourite too.
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Hi Eric, I'm sorry for your loss, and those of the other 29!

Thanks for bringing us Underworld, I really like the game.

The high -resolution graphics are beautiful, and the sound effects and music are also very good.

I don't mind the clipping issue in some places, but why is it that Lara has such a blocky shadow in places, and often the shaders on Lara's model are flickering.

Nice you're on the forums!
''If you can dream it, you can do it.''
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Omgosh, you got fired?
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Thanks again,Eric.

I was wondering if Anaya,or other characters from Legend were supposed to return in Underworld.I remember some magazines talking about Rutland's return.

Originally Posted by KC Mraz View Post
Is an independent developer called Demiurge Studios. She joined right before Underworld was released.


I remember she told about how her and Eric's kitten played in her A day in the life of... . That just makes it sadder
She did say something about leaving after Underworld was finished to join some project.
Hehe,yeah.It's just so sad that everything is falling apart.

But I guess it's better,at least she got rid of those slave drivers from Eidos.
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Wow, thanks for answering my questions, Eric. I don't know if this question was answered yet, but I'll ask it.

Just how new was TRU's engine? Or what was new to it? Thanks
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Originally Posted by Squamula View Post
amiro1989: We were torn about making Underworld a Mature title, in the studio. I wanted to do things that a Teen rating prevented, but I also wanted it to get the players the first unrated games, did. In the end it didn't matter because publishing wanted it to be Teen.
Thanks for explaining this.

My very last question is this...:

Have you guys ever planned licensing a game engine from a third party developper like Epic Games with their UE3 or CryTek with their CryEngine2? Don't you think it would have been easier for you if you bought a separate engine?

What about a realistic Lara model? Have you guys ever tought making Lara as realistic as Nariko in Heavenly Sword, for instance?

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abdul wahab
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Hi Mr.Eric,
I still can't believe that you are not a part of CD and Eidos, but do hope that all the matters will be resolved through your aegis, i hope.
But i really appreciate your work, the Underworld is a Bizarre to me.
Thanks for providing us a 50 Miles (L+W+H)Ocean

Wish you a Nice Future.

Abdul ( 10 years with Tomb Raider & Lara Croft)

Wow! Wow! Wow!
Wait Wait Wait!

Yes, tell me about the Engine used in TRU.
I think that it's as old as Legend's Engine.
My Mates......Lara Croft-Nico Rosberg-Y2j

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ERic, can you please answer my question? Why the team work didn't make a more real enviroment and Lara model??
Ready to see a big change in the Tomb Raider Series..
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Im very sorry to hear that Eric. Although I did not like Legend much (Old TR fan here) it was obvious there was a hard working team of talented people behind the game. And I really enjoyed Underworld and loved all the changes you guys made to the game

My question is rather silly but what was your main source(s) of inspiration while writing the story, designing the game etc?:
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Thanks so much again Eric.

and I'm glad for Harley too bad though, another great loss for the TR team
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