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Originally Posted by Squamula View Post

Love2Raid: The Artic area, thuogh I have said was deliberately smaller for pacing reasons, was meant to be a bit bigger than it turned out, but things got complicated and we did the best we could.
As for the marketing campaign, I don't know how that voodoo works, so I wouldn't want to say anything about that as it would be the uniformed opinions of an unemployed guy!
Okay, thanks so much!

I hope we haven't caused you too much trouble and that answering our questions somehow helped you getting through this time of sadness and uncertainty. <3 <3
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Hi, I asked a question about the ps2 version but you probably overlooked it. Not strange though with all these questions.

You said you weren't involved in the PS2 version but you have to know sth about the development proces. Could you please tell me and others who are anxiously awaiting this version everything you know? Even if it is just a little a bit. thanks in advance
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1) How did you go about choosing the locations for the games, and where do you think Lara should go next?

2) (a) Some of the early concept art of the Doppelganger showed her wearing a cape and hood. In the end it seems that the skimpiest, tightest and mostly leather outfits are chosen. Also all the female characters have massive breasts. In contrast - Zip, Alister and Winston are dressed fairly plainly. Do you feel comfortable creating these kind of hyper sexualised fertility godess women, while at the same time portraying men realistically?

(b) Whats with some characters looking realistic (natla, irish mercenary, zip, winston) while others look quite cartoony (lara, amanda). In TRL Amanda looks like a powerpuff girl, and in TRU she has become Michael Jackson. Why not cast some models/actors and then scan their faces for the game?
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Btw, the mercs.. Were they designed to look like you, or is that a coincidence?
Originally Posted by tha_mattster View Post
2) (a) Some of the early concept art of the Doppelganger showed her wearing a cape and hood. In the end it seems that the skimpiest, tightest and mostly leather outfits are chosen. Also all the female characters have massive breasts. In contrast - Zip, Alister and Winston are dressed fairly plainly. Do you feel comfortable creating these kind of hyper sexualised fertility godess women, while at the same time portraying men realistically?
Natla had neither very big boobs or revealing clothes imo.
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Eric, you made a nice addition in TRU on when we travel from point A to point B, you made it so for us to return again to point A again.

In Mexico, we jump a ramp and over a hole in the ground at the beginning of the Level, in the Jan Myan Level, Lara jumps her bike over a chasm and down a ledge with her bike and we climbed broken paths to reach the Hammer, did the Designers got lazy so that lets just get it over with for us not to find our way back again.

At the end of the Game, Amanda and Lara goes through the Portal and end up in Nepal, so how does Lara (and Amanda) get back to Point A for reality sake.

Question: Why is Amanda still alive, is she gonna be in the DLC.
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Originally Posted by marcocatena View Post
yeh, 1.5 million is good considering the time TRU came out a lot of other big titles did aswel, like Gears of War, LittleBigPlanet, Fallout 3 etc.
as many sites pointed out when the trading statement was released, almost any studio/publisher would have been happy with 1.5m units in 6 weeks! but unfortunately Underworld was Eidos biggest release in 2008 after many of the other games in production didnt make it to a 2008 release (Batman, Battlestations, Just Cause2 and ShellShock 2; for example). therefore i believe that Underworld was not only supposed to sell good as a TR game, it was also supposed to bring up the sales figures for Eidos as a whole.

especially after the other big Eidos titles this year got bad reviews like; Kane & Lynch (although it sold over 2m units), Conflict: Denied Ops (just over 300.000 units) and of course Age of Conan, who started well but after a few months lost almost all its players.

And as ok as Underworld have sold so far, its not the sales hit Eidos needed, and it didnt get the reviews that the TR franchise needed either. and by that i mean at least on the same level as Legend and Anniversary.

all that together with the financial crisis led, imho, to this tragic event.
and to Eric i can only say to you that im sorry that this happened to you and all the others who have to leave Crystal now.
im my book, this is not the way it should have ended for you guys.
I have not been happy with all the decisions that you and the other leading designers took regarding Tomb Raider and Lara. But in the end i have always enjoyed the games and especially the cinematic nature of the story and the cutscenes. and thats really a good thing as i often go from being happy with what i see and hear about TR one week, to being frustrated about the same the next. as of today im pretty torn because i really liked Underworld when i played it during the holidays, but as good as i thought the story and locations were. it was at the same time not a game i would recommend to friends who are not used to TR games because of all its flaws. And thats why i feel so ambivalent about this whole situation now when, imo, Eidos is handling the situation in a very unsatisfying (but sadly not surprising) way.

this was a lot about nothing, and very off topic too. But Eric i appreciate that you've taken the time to post in the forum. and if you're going to stay with us for a while, ill be back later with questions. i cant really come up with any that you havent already answered at the moment.
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Hey Eric thanks for taking the time to answer questions, I think you all did a great job in Underworld and i wish you could have more time to polish and fix things to make it even better, but i loved it anyway..

my question is about Adaman Sea level, was anything cut or downgrade to some extent due to time limits in this level? while its fun to wipe away enemies with the hammer it semmed like something was missing when its compared to other levels, it s very alike to the ship segments of the Mediterranean Sea Level,

and why did you choose to eliminate the boss fights? dont get me wrong i love Underworld as it is but i can imagine how great would it be to fight the kraken, amanda the doppelganger and natla

all in all great work in the game i hope that everything ahead in your life is filled with health love and success!! sorry for the bad english
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Hello, welcome to TRF all new members! Nice to have you.

Originally Posted by Squamula View Post
LaraCablara: I do know a little bit about Core Design making their own Anniversary, but I know so little that were I to type anything, I wuold like say things that aren't well-informed, and it would cause problems. I do know they were working on something on their own, and I saw the posts like everyone else, and I really know nothing else, no inside info. And I took a look at your thread about things cut from Legend, and it's like I said, a lot of it was from test rooms and prototypes. When you iterate on a game, people often think rough drafts are stuff that was cut, but they really were just first rough drafts...and by the time you have a final draft, some of what was in yuor first rough draft got polished out of it. The floating AoD lara model? Man, I dunno...pretty funny. Someone was probably using it for reference because the Legend Lara wasn't made, and then someone dragged it off stage but kept it there, and then it was forgotten.

marukisu: I'll talk about story soon. As far as I know, the linear nature of Legend was the original concept, but that was a couple months before my time. And I can't really say what percentages of the games get cut, because like i said above, it's not often about cuts, it's about iteration.

larafan25: I don't know anything about the "female friendly" piece, but I didn't see anything in any of the direct quotes about making it female friendly...the writer of the article might me simply saying what (s)he wants to see happen. You'd be surpised how often that happens.
croft94: What of the last three games will haunt me forever? Aside from very recent events there isn't anything big, just a plethora of little things... And I certainly don't take offense at being teased for saying Epic so much. Those photoshop jobs giving me a Pinocchio nose and stuttering and what not...that's all good clean fun! I love everyone's passion, so even when people are chewing up the scenery and calling me names, I take it to mean people really care about Lara Croft, as I do, and that's good. Yes, I wear the same clothes all the time -- because I don't give a damn and don't want to think about what I'm wearing -- and I'm not an ebulient spokesperson, but that's because my skill is game design, not giving dynamic interviews. If it's true, how can I take offense?

ZIP!2009: I don't know about any attempts by companies to buy Eidos -- that happens way over my head. I have a lot of respect for Ubisoft, but would they do better with Tomb Raider? The only way to ever know is to do it both ways, and there are no time machines yet...

Eddie Haskell: Are people supposed to BE Lara or STEER Lara is a challenging question. Many opinions abound, and the theory (psychology) is untested. I'm going to defer this question to when I discuss story, because it relates to story choices I made, and it's complicated.

arthanytez: I don't know what the company's position on PSP development is or will be going forward.

RichardC: Will I do any future work on Tomb Raider? Maybe. I would like to. I love Lara Croft.

Tomb Raider games are one of the hardest kinds of games I've ever worked on or even heard of. Take Gears of War. It's a great game. You are running through a channel, firing guns, sticking to cover...it's about enemy AI and weapon tuning, and visual and sound effects. That's it. They can focus on that and make it sing. You can make the art exactly how it should look because you know where the player will be when (s)he looks at it, because they are stuck in the channel. Tomb Raider games, though...in additiona to its hardcore gaming roots, you climb on all kinds of things, you are far from things, you are close to things, you fight things, you melee and shoot, you solve puzzles, maze...the sheer breadth of things you can do is supported by a labrytnth of code and design, and the way these systems interact explodes with permutational problems -- which was what sunk the digital camera for example. As much as I love Tomb Raider, I was often heard to mutter in the halls "I want my next game to be a shooter..." not because they are easy, but because they are about one thing, not twelve.

Emmo: I really don't know how much PoP influenced the very start of Legend, since I wasn't there for the first couple months. I know I didn't look at PoP much during my tenure...it was more combat focused than we were or wanted to be. I do love games personally. I've been playing way too much Left4Dead recently. But I have always loved Tomb Raider, since TR1 came out. After Legend came out, I did play through it to get all the Achievement points, but I haven't for Aniversary or Underworld...yet.

Aussie500: If the Wraith Stone in the promotional stuff and cursor for Legend is different from in-game (I hadn't noticed, and I'm a console player) it was probably just a continuity mistake. There's no meaning there that I know of. The reason Thor's helm doesn't have horns or wings is the very essence of Tomb Raider...later cultures are influenced by earlier ones, but not exactly reproduced. Vikings saw these very ancient statues, and were awed by them, and tried to make themselves look like them. Why did those ancient helms have those protrusions? We will probbaly never know, but the Viking's stuck horns on their helms to emulate them. Very Cargo Cult like. It's like how Excaliber was not really a sword, it was an artifact that the people of the middle ages mistook for a sword, given its shape and the world they lived in. Just like the three women on the door to Yggdrasil...we don't know who they were, and likely never will, but they were seen by later people and helped inspire the myths of the Valkaries and the Norns and the Norse god Hel. The fact that Amelia resembled Hel was just a bit of over-the-top thematic resonnance.

WSOwen02: I probably won't blog in the future...games are too big and move too slowly to justify a blog. But it won't be hard to hear where I land and what I do next...I'll make it known.

Having twelve things to do is one of the reasons Tomb Raider appealed to me and won me over Mario and whatever else was coming out in the 1990s. Puzzles, traps, exploration, combat ... maybe the problem has always been partially due to the complexity surrounding Tomb Raider.

But the complexity is what kept me around for the last dozen years. Through all the phases you go through as a teenager, if something can keep your attention that long -- that's something special.

Awesome, thank you. We'd love to hear what you get into next.
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Does the engine have a name?

Was the Spherical Harmonics in the game or it was left out?
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1. Could you please tell us what softwares are used in order to create a Tomb Raider game?!
2. If you won't find a job I could hire you as my Winston...
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