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Default Anyone know where to find an on-computer copy of the TRU Xbox360 addon files?

Of course, TRU had an expansion pack, but it was only fo the XBox360. (Which I don't have.) Apparently, it's possible to move files from an XBox to a computer, since somebody tried the files from the expansion on a computer and they didn't work. Well, unless they're completely corrupted or some other thing, I have a suspicion that it's a file format issue, not with the files themselves. I rather doubt the whole package can be made to work, but the individual files, or at the very least textures, ought to be convertible. At worst, the textures can provide material for editing computer-format textures.

I'd like to have a go at it, but of course it'll need the files from the expansion moved to a computer to work with first. Since I don't have an XBox and wouldn't know how to transfer files if I did, does anybody have or know a of ported-over copy?
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