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Syria and Approaching Storm
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Replaying Rise, I haven't played it in over a year. Forgot how amazing The Flooded Archives is, something about the puzzle where we had to make the statue fall really gave me classic TR vibes. I loved that we had to complete more than one puzzle to be able to advance. I really miss having puzzles incorporated in the main path, being able to advance in the main game after completing a puzzle is more satisfying than just unlocking a new useless skill.

Edit: I think what reminds me of classic TR is the underground city feel to it, other than a small hole, when you look up there's no sky, I really felt isolated for once as opposed to the open outdoor areas.
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Hmm well I absolutely love all of Syria for the visuals and the general setting! Other than that, I always enjoy the Acropolis for the combat and drama of it, and also I love working your way stealthily through the village to get to the Archives.
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Syria and Croft Manor
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Originally Posted by jackoimina View Post
Syria and Croft Manor
Exactly the same!
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