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Default A TR4 Lara Croft in the Making!!!!

Hello People of TR Forums I would like to present my WIP TR4/TR5 Realistic Model.

Week 3/5

Week 1/3(The Beginning)

What do you think!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Looks good. I wonder if the face will look like tr4 Lara
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That looks very good so far! Please keep us posted!
“And here come the bloody tourists, to spoil it all.”
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Alex Fly
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I agree she looks good so far. Looking forward to the next updates.
Ask yourself WWLD : What would Lara do? :)
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It's not great, but it's a good start. What method are you following to model this? Are you freehand sculpting?
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Laras Dream
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Good start yes.

Nose is a bit wide near the top perhaps, or is that just me?
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