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Default Weird issue XBox One was powering off during game load

Hi folks,

Wondering if anyone else has seen this issue, I'm running ROTTR on an XBOX One X.

My first session with the game a few days ago, I played a few hours and then 'gracefully' exited back to Xbox's home once I reached Syria and watched the cut scenes.
The next day when I chose my lone save game, it went to the normal game loading screen (black screen with animated map lines), but then sat on that screen for an unusually long time (4 minutes?) and eventually the spinning 'round thing' froze and I heard what sounds like dripping water for a few seconds, followed by the Xbox powering itself off. No messages saying it was overheating or anything, it just shut off. In trying to troubleshoot, it did this at the exact same point at least 6 times.

I cleared my game saves in Settings, but it continued. Oddly, even after deleting my game saves (and confirming it would delete from Xbox Live), my lone game save (Syria) continued to show up.

Eventually I deleted the entire game, then went back to game pass and reinstalled it and began again from the beginning. I've played much further since and have not experienced the same thing, however the further I get the more I'm concerned that this will happen again.

Any idea why this may have happened? Could it be something I did? I googled and about the only thing I found was the xbox will shut off if it overheats, but it's supposed to generate a message before doing so, which it didn't.

Thoughts? Thanks!

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I have no idea but I know ROTTR keeps a backup save in the load game menu maybe try that?
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jeffrey van oort
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Savegames are evil siblings proof? ;o
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To update this threadÖ Iíve had no further problems loading the game since I deleted and reinstalled it. Iím almost done, fighting with the helicopter now - so far itís a losing battle, lol.
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