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This is my favorite game from the franchise, so it's really hard to choose.
But if I had to pin down, I'd go with Syria, and everything after you go through the mines and get sepparated from Jacob. I love EVERYTHING that follows. The discovery of the Prophet's statue, Geothermal Valley as whole. The stuff that follows. The climbing to the tower. The Flooded Archives. Saving Jonah. Path of the Deathless. Kitezh and the tower climbing, which I think it's a visual marvel
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^I would’ve put kitezh as my favorite level too but it hurt my eyes playing that part. The blue atmosphere was so good *.* I lost the ability to blink lol
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Approaching Storm! I'm in love with this section of the game! The rain, lara's dirty clothes and face, the night......everything looks and feels amazing!
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I would have to go with Syria. Really was a great level.
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Syria definitely.
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Patrick star
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Flooded Archives <3
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Enya Brennan
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^ I’m choosing the Flooded Archives too. The Prophet’s Tomb is a strong contender, as are the Abandoned Mines. All these had me drooling over the architecture and the level design.
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I almost forgot about the Pantheon Corridor
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Syria, The Prophet's Blessing/Pantheon Corridor, Approaching Storm, The Orrery, and the Chamber of Exorcism are my favourite levels. I like the eerie feeling the Chamber of Exorcism gives off; especially with those frescos.
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Talos Munera
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Syria and Flooded Archives, but i love the Path of the Deathless.

It's hard to choose, Rise is my favorite TR
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