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Unhappy Can This Forum Handle The Truth?


I know that some people think of me as nothing more than an account name on a forum. However, I've been here for almost ten years and have really developed on here in many ways. This place has a family feeling to me and I want to be as honest with you all as possible. You know that I have mental health problems as well as autism and that I'm currently in an autism specialist hospital with the intention of working on my mental health and autism.

However, what you don't know is the dark truths. When I say dark truths, I'm talking about the full blown extent of my mental health problems and autism and how it's affected myself and others. You don't know what I've put myself through, what other people have put me through or what I've put others through. Nor do you know what I did which resulted in me going to the previous hospitals and the current hospital.

I want to be honest with you all and tell you the truth. I can safely say that many of you will wash your hands with me and decide that you no longer want to know me once I reveal the truth to you, but none the less, I want you to hear the truth. The main question that I have would be in regards to whether or not the non-mature sections of this forum would be an appropriate place to post it all. There is a lot of dark stuff and I wonder if I should initially post it in MGC and then we can decide if it's appropriate for this section as well.

I need to know whether this forum is an appropriate place to post such things. The moderators would be the best people to inform me on that sort of thing. Can members and moderators please come forward and do your best to advise me?
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