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Default Hi, barf!

Hi, I am SnatchingEdges and as you can see I'm just a dog with a fist.

I'm 22 until next year I guess and I'm from the Canary Islands (Spain), which means that I live in an island that belongs to Spain. I'm studying Languages, so I know English pretty well (I've lived in Wales too), but as I am not exactly a very bright person I may have some grammatical mistakes; my apologies in advance.

Last year when Shadow was announced with 7 (8?) DLCs I knew a mess was coming. I HATE DLCs so I decided not to buy it and stay away from the saga. However, I bought on the 5th the Definitive Edition and I LOVE IT. I haven't finished it yet but it made me replay Tomb Raider II and Last Revelation.

My father, instead of giving me inconditional support or good education, he showed me this saga when I was still a drooling child in diapers. TR1 is my first game alongside The Smurfs and Pokémon, and Lara was my rolemodel and I always tried to imitate her. I said try because if I jump I'll have a heart attack, I'm not a gym guy.

I tend to start things and then leave them unfinished, so I hope this isn't my last message here and I stick around for a while and get to know you all.

Look at the edges I snatched today!

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Hi. Welcome to the forum. Hope u stay around and enjoy all the interaction between players.

Edit: Actually visited the Canary Islands a long time ago. Very pretty. Also, stopped in Spain off a cruise ship where I actually fought a bull (at a nightclub but u went into a ring and a bull came out and u were with the matador in the middle and the bull charged the cape three times - I have pictures.). Back on the ship everyone was calling me. El Toro.
Pharaoh´s Tomb

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