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Originally Posted by Evil Doggos View Post
They are too hardcore and my only access is my android phone.
Your phone? Are you sure you don't even have a laptop? Even a 10 years old laptop can run these old games.
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Originally Posted by Evil Doggos View Post
I am absolutely terrified of playing 3-5 as they seem difficult. Chronicles seems ok at best and T3 is a nightmare. LR looks fun but I know I could never beat it..
Chill, enjoy and YouTube has great walkthroughs if you gona bit crazy and want to just get past a section.
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Try Chronicles, itís more varied and youíll like it if you like AOD. Itís difficulty is between TRI-TRII, but it has more interactable objects and environments. If you complete it, then you can complete the others (TRI Lara voice*ó>) No problem.
Iíll stan Chronicles, AoD and Anniversary forever! <3
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