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Default Forcing Tomb Raider Legend/Anniversary to render Fixed-Function Pipeline?

I asked in Legend topic but I realized this would be more relevant section.

RTX Remix is a modding tool for FFP games.
The good news is Angel of Darkness is FFP but I am still under the impression that Legend/Anniversary is as well.

I search the forums,youtube, etc and found users who played with a Geforce2/ 4 mx. Which were not capable of Shader models 1-3 and the fact they released to gamecube/wii[basically needed to make game run in FFP regardless]. Does anyone have any relevant information? Weirdly I am actually able to get it down to shadermodel 1 [6 vertex shaders]... which doesn't make sense since Geforce 2's have no vertex shader capability.


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You can't just "force" this to on/off. It's how the game is coded.
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Yes, you can.

If a game has 2 pipelines| shader pipeline and a fixed function pipeline. Their is a variable to how it decides which pipeline you should use. Sometimes its checks the shader model of your video card, sometimes it checks you GPUID. Often times their is a registry setting or ini setting as well as a fallback.
I also want to confirm that the game is pure fixed function pipeline when on geforce 2/4 mx. Those cards had something called "shading rasterizer" which I am not sure how it worked and if it was used for those two. Was hoping to hear some confirmation if the game is pure fixed function when on those cards.

Not sure if your under the impression that game is pure fixed function or not but this is not the case. Its not like the old games its got a shader pipeline as its primary. Its not like TR 1-4 where they are purely fixed function games.
TR Legend/Anniversary has all types of fallbacks. Shader 3[next gen], Shader 2[normal], Shader 1[which I am using].Shader model 0 is giving me - 6 vertex shaders [shader 1]. Which is why I am looking for confirmation.

I am looking for someone who is either knowledgeable about the games coding and/or geforce 2/4 mx architecture because I don't see how those cards can run vertex shaders at all.

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