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Question Creating the game design document following the original plans

I made a post that was kinda glossed over, but I think it deserves its own thread:

There is so much material on AoD that never made the final cut, I wonder if a user would ever take on the herculean task of producing a definitive game design document for Angel of Darkness based on all pieces of unused information being sourced, stitched together and clearly laid out in a game plan. Every level, every cutscene, the order of levels and events, gameplay features of each level, cutscene transcripts all in one place and all presented as "the most likely intended product plan."

I'm kind of tempted to begin such a thing and use a game design document template but my God, it would be a hell of a task.
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Really all we need is the full pdf of this document.

Ash has released a few pages, but we're still missing most of them.
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I really wish that most of that design document was released. We got quite a bit of doodles and early drafts, but I feel that the deleted stuff most of us were interested in happened much later in the project.

Luther Rouzic cleaning up the Monstrum crime scene only appears in that design document, and as far as I remember it was never mentioned in the older documents released by Murti.

I kind of wish that it was possible, and I am willing to go through those documents again, but It feel that it won't come together as nicely as we want.

This for example is either a deleted area, or a heavily modified area.

We also know that Kurtis level, had an unused elevator, I have never anything about that area.

We can still create a document about the factions in the game, and such, but I don't think it is possible to guess what was removed during the final stages of the game.

In one of the earlier drafts Eckhardt expected Karel's betrayed and killed him using the Alchemy machine in cappadocchia
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Damn, putting together such a document would be a monumental task, indeed. I had thought about doing something similar just with Murti's leaked notes, but I really quickly abandoned that idea.

I can't help thinking that it would be almost impossible to make a truly "definitive" document, because some of the info that's popped up over the years would probably contradict or be in conflict with other bits of info. That being said, I would still love to read something this.

@Profc that area looks really similar to the opening area of Kurtis's first level. The structure is slightly different, and so is the lighting, but the textures and layout are almost identical.
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Here's the abridged version

From what I understand, there was a TR6 that was going to take place in Peru, but they decided to bring Murti to the project, and they moved the story to Paris. [It involved Werner, Incan skeletons or mummies]
Since the beginning they wanted to introduce a secondary character and a spin-off series as well as multiple sequels. Another early idea was that they were going to change the status quo, and make the series darker, and Lara's life was going to be much harder. No Helicopter dropping her to the nearest tomb this time around.
They played with the idea of burning down, the croft manor, and killing Winston with a heart attack, but realized this was a silly idea. Instead of Winston they decided to kill Jean Ywes Lara's friend from Last Revelation, but stuff happened and the real life Jean Ywes the Archaeologist was very angry. They finally decided to kill off Werner Von Croy, and introduced the fugitive storyline.
Things are already a bit muddled, and the main storyline hasn't even started.
Murti and the others decided there were going to be 7 or 8 Cabal members, [Which were called 'Greys' at the time.] We only got Eckhardt, Karel, Boaz, Muller and the Gunderson in the final game. We never got to see Rouzic in the in-game cutscenes. And the Media based cabal/grey member was also cut, and never even made past the early drafts.
-Rouzic was cleaning up the crime scene, the 8th member was framing Lara, and controlling the Tv and the Radio I guess, while Karel was shape shifting into various different people to confuse Lara.

Lara and the others were after the Obscura Discs, and 3 of the five discs were already obtained by the cabal. The obscura discs eventually became the Obscura paintings we all knew and love. We eventually got a good look and the concept art, for these. But the larger images were never released. They also introuced the concept of Obscura engravings and the heretical monk, the brother obscura. We actually learned quite a bit of info on Brother Obscura. He was mute, he was tortured, and the paintings were a punishment. He secretly made copies of the engravings out of spite. Instead of picking a one type of artifact, they decided to use all three. Obscura engravings show the location of the Paintings, and each painting hides a piece of the Sanglyph disc.

The game was going to take place in 4 different locations, Paris, Prague, Germany, and Turkey.

The underground cities in Turkey Cappadocia, were the first levels got cut. Core moved some of it to Germany, and then at some point, they decided to cut Germany as well. Eventual fate of Karel, Eckhardt and Kurtis switched around a bit.

In one of the earlier versions, Karel was killed by Eckhardt. But in some of the dialogue it is implied that Eckhardt glove deflects Karel's blast power, meaning there may have been a Karel boss battle. [We still have two mini deleted Karel cutscenes.]

From this point onward things get extremely muddled. Implication is that Paris and Prague grew to a gargantuan size after the two other levels got cut. But no matter how many times, I read those documents, I still don't understand how it was going to fit together. I can totally see the final levels being under Turkey, and alchemy lab being in Germany, but as for the rest I am not sure. It's been many years since I read all those documents.

In every single version of the story I read, the fugitive story line goes unresolved, and the Shaman is barely involved in the story. In Murti's documents there is so little about the Shaman, that I wonder if there are still major parts of those notes that we are missing.

For example, we have some info on the scrapped Scrapyard level. [Hahah pun intented] Pawnshop was originally in the scrapyard the owner was a mix of Bouchard and Renee meaning there was probably no Paris Mafia. We know that he rigged his own place with explosives. That whole level was removed due to the memory issues of Playstation 2. [If that is the case, then it means that there was no Janice in that Version of the Story. ]

Kurtis levels are of course the biggest mystery. There are recorded voice lines, about his powers, meaning some of them were removed quite late in the project.

If someone wishes to do this stage by stage, it may be possible. But there are massive gaps in the story.
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