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Originally Posted by Girafarig32 View Post
^ That's a good thing. Every time I replay AoD, I find something new.
Same here honestly.

I keep finding pick-ups that I forgot about when I comb the stages.

There's something about it that makes it highly replayable for me.
Of course, the new fixes/graphics Nakamachi's EXE multi-patcher adds with each update increases that.

I really wish Core got another chance, AOD clearly with a little more love could have provided the best TR game engine.
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I have a weird experience to write down. Start Bouchard’s Hideout (be it by playing the campaign normally or with TRAODSCU) and talk with Bouchard then exit to the church. While in the ghetto ‘fly’ through Francine’s password door and enter Francine’s apartment to start St. Aicard’s Graveyard again then ‘swim/fly’ through the mausoleum to enter Bouchard’s Hideout again. Start the cutscene with Bouchard again. He will kill her without even talking!!! I found this accidently by fooling around AOD. I don’t know if it’s the passports being in Lara’s inventory doing this......
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