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Amazing project! <3 Will you consider to make canceled AOD 2 and AOD 3 after finishing this game?
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Beautiful! <3
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for those of y'all who have shown interest here's a reminder/little treat to prove that im still alive and working on this

a tiny clip from the parisian backstreets level showcasing a path that you won't want to take when playing! hope you like it and im open to feedback <3

working on AoD 2D for the culture
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Tomb Raidering
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I’m really looking forward to this. The textures and animations are so similar to AoD which is good! But I have one suggestion, make the rain blue and faster... ^.^
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Looks really good!!
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I really hope a public demo comes soon!
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10 euros on the floor just like that? Lovely
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I love it!

As said before, can the rain's speed be increased?
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This looks absolutely phenomenal! It looks like it's going to be a good one!

Now as Athukraz said, the rain should be pouring a little bit faster.

Other than that I think it would be better if Lara's model was "locked" on the camera.
I don't know how to explain it but when she walks/runs she goes a bit back and forth which makes the whole thing look a bit off.

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Alex Fly
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This looks fantastic!
The only minus con to me would be the rain like others suggested. It should fall a bit faster and maybe could be a bit darker or more blue.

Apart this minor detail it looks really good and it makes me wanna play it already.
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