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Originally Posted by Blackmoor View Post
I think a lot of it depends on which game you played first and when you played the games.
Very true, first impression/experience always counts.

For me I played Chronicles first because that was the only TR game I could find at the time and to this day it's still has a special place in my heart even though I'm fully aware it is not the best TR game (in fact it's the worst of the classics technically speaking).

As for TR1, I didn't have a gaming system to play on when it was first released. All I could do was read magazine reviews and articles about it. When I did get a chance to play it after finishing several other classic TR games I wasn't really thrilled by it. I know it is held in high regard by the OG fans because of the sequels are never as good as the original syndrome.
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Can't really compete with Blackmoor's contribution, I effectively came here to say exactly the same thing (except considerably less eloquently ). A huge part of TR1's appeal has to be viewed through the lens of the contemporary context; very little true 3D gaming preceded it, let alone a 3D 3rd-person action adventure, let alone a good, atmospheric 3D 3rd-person action adventure. It basically created a genre, or at the very least was one of the first of its type to arrive through the door.

It's incredibly hard now - almost impossible, in fact, even for those like me who were around to witness it firsthand - to really appreciate how revolutionary this was in its day. The fact that TR1 managed in turns to be heart-pounding, introspective, engaging and mysterious as well as breaking new ground technically means that it will always have the fondest place in my heart amongst the Classics.
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TR1 is my all time favourite TR game, followed by TR4.
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Felix Kroft
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Even though TR2 is my favourite, i'm glad that i had the chance to expierience every Tomb Raider in the right order, as the were being released.
And from the very begining, the intros, the logos, holding cd case in my hands, looking at a game cover, to finally seeing Lara in this 3D environment was pure magic, it was a amazingly cinematic expierience.

It is a very special game, i was amazed how big this game was, and the atmosphere was so real, so vivid and dense.

To this day, i have the very same feeling when playing TR1 as i had when i was a kid in 1996, i remember exactly how the games made me feel back then, and it's not just nostalgia or anything like that.

PS1 games had this weird, magic charm to them.

For example when i played Cistern for the first time, the atmosphere, colors, textures, those greenish walls and ambience, and those crocodile sounds made me feel as if i was down there myself, i swear i could almost smell, and feel on my own skin the atmosphere, very weird yet fun expierience.

And what's best, is that it stayed with me to this day

TR1 Is very special, and very dear to me.

It's one of those games that You can almost taste
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It is not right now, but I can say it is the one I can replay the most. The levels are clever, yet not obscure. The puzzles are simple but engaging. There are nested puzzles and backtracking, but it doesn't feel like a chore. There is action without taking over the game. The environment feels hostile and uncharted, it tells a story. And it has the most memorable moment of the whole series: the T-Rex.

So, sometimes it is my favourite. It isn't right now because I think TR2 and TR4 perfected the formula, but it was a very good formula to begin with.
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It's my second favourite classic right after TR3. It's very immersive and makes you feel curiuos from the moment you see the wolf tracks in the snow until the very end. Also a perfect entry point for a newbie.
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Yup I'm one of them, this one is my fav one in the series

Funny enough this is how it goes in the classics (including Angel of Darkness) from my favourite to my least fav.


Literally the order they came out
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Probably mine. It establishes the game of Tomb Raider. While I love the other games in the series, they all have failed the formula in some ways.

It also has the best story of the series and the perfect Lara.
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I love TR1, I am currently replaying it and it is incredible for me to be able to say that 20+ years later and more than 400 replays through my entire life, the game is still as charming, fun and amazing as it once was in 1996. I can see myself playing this game when I reach 90 years and still have fun and infinite love for it as the masterpiece it is.
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It's my third favourite, but it gives me the most nostalgia of any TR game.
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