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Comics Week

Batgirls #6

Ah, such a lovely series.
It doesn’t set the world on fire, doesn’t really tell some crazy story…but what it does is having a lot of heart and soul.
Their interactions, the vibe of the art…it is one of those books that get quite overlooked, a Gem that people find later down the line and appreciate the hell out of it.
Which is cool but sad because it deserves the attention and love right now.

Batman Urban Legends #15

Again a underrated Book I feel, especially since the recent Batman/Zatanna and Bathound Arc.
I literally had tears in my eyes in this issue, you will see why.
They really manage to give the Animals great character and make you care with just the art.

But the Zatanna/Batman story keeps being interesting as hell and I kind of start shipping them a ton thanks to that story…I never really bothered with them before, but this arc really feels good.

And then they even throw in a Batman story that has Plastic Man in…really really cool.

Jurassic League #1

Finally its here and boy am I already in love with the art, the writing, the whole world.
It can be the next big thing for DC in terms of merchandise etc if they play their cards right.
Such a cool concept and so far well done.

Superman: Son of Kal-El #11

That was kind of a slow Issue, but im still into the run more than I expected I would be.
But man am I confused…isn’t Pa Kent dead?
Where the hell am I with my head in the timeline then if not?
I am very confused at the moment on this.
It wasn’t a particular great issue I have to say, mainly the Pa Kent/Batman talk saves this issue.

Wonder Woman #787

Wonder Woman currently a bit weak I feel, outside of the Historia book, no Wonder Woman book really can get me out of my seats to be honest.
I cant really put my finger onto it what is missing, but something is missing.
I feel like Infinite Frontier hasn’t been too kind to Wonder Woman, I really cant remember any Wonder Woman arc at the moment in this run that was really strong.
I hope this changes soon.

A fun Week.
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Before comics week...the Eisner Awards Nominations are finally out...and DC is scoring huge there.

15 Times, Nightwing got 5, Tom King 2...really cool.


Really happy for DC and especially Nightwing for the Eisner Awards Nominations.
Nightwing deserves them for sure.

Comics Week

Batman/Superman: Worlds Finest #3

Such a good book.
I love the writing, the interaction of the charactes and the characters themselves…on point.
The Art is great too…the hype definitely was deserved.

Batman: The Knight #5
The Issue got quite some hype on social media, claiming it would finally make Bisexual Bruce Wayne canon…well that didn’t happen…cowards.
But still, the issue was fantastic, The Knight is rising in my ranks and I have a lot of fun with it.

The Flash #782

A bit weaker than the previous issue I feel, but still incredible fantastic.
The whole Vibe of this run is so lovely, it makes you just smile.

Nightwing #92

If anybody wonders why Nightwing is nominated as often as it is…read this issue.
God damn it, never thought Nightwing would ever have my heart this much.
I expected the run to be good, but not “My number 1” good.
But it is by a long shot.
This is what you get when you find the sweet spot, a team that elevates each others work and cares about the characters.
One negative is always when im reminded that Alfred is dead…died because a writers shallow plans he just spit on the ground.
I just want Alfred back, don’t hurt me with flashbacks and stuff…bring the man back fully.

Wonder Woman Evolution #7

Sadly the story lost me by now, when it has just 1 issue left after this.
It started out decently strong but the momentum was going down with every issue.
This issue was a bit better, but I doubt the final issue will be strong enough to keep this Story in my mind for long.
Too bad because its another example of why I feel Wonder Woman has the short end of the stick currently a bit.

It was a really good week.
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We reach the final week of May…half of the comic year is almost over…wow

Action Comics #1043
The usual on that front, im loving the arc.
The Warworld saga is continuing strong. the art once again is fantastic, Superman’s gladiatorial armour is a noteworthy cool aesthetic. I enjoyed the short story about Mongul’s origins, that along with his plan to invade another planet makes him come off as a true menacing force of nature.

Batman Beyond the White Knight #3

It doesn’t disappoint at all and keeps rising in quality.
I really like the whole “Jack inside Bruces head” thing because it opens the door for a lot of character work when Bruce can not just silence and brood things away.
It gives the story a different vibe and I like that.
But in General, murphys world is so interesting in all aspects…I cant get enough of it.

Detective Comics #1060

One thing I really love above all else is that the arc also in its second issue feels like it has a good length.
I don’t know what exactly it is, but the pacing feels like I read 2-3 issue at once there.
Really enjoy that, doesn’t feel rushed or like they try to stretch it out to a certain issue number.
And the Arc so far is pretty neat too, the art delivers some panels that tickle a batman fans bones.
Panels you want to see and always make you go “Yup, that’s batman”.

Harley Quinn #15

Same as usual there too.
Really lovely written and “quirky” drawn, the combination of this works.
The twist you saw coming from far away, but that is not bothering me too much.
It makes things interesting on how this all will play out.

Robin #14

What a weird twist in terms of character reveal…I was expecting more.
I mean I like bringing out more “obscure” characters, but I was expecting more…especially from the shadow war arc.
Im sorry but im just not feeling this arc at all.
I should be because of all the crazy stuff going on, but im just not feeling it.
There was just far more possible with such an idea, but so far nothing really hits for me.

Again a good week, I think I never had something of a bad week so far.
A medicore week maybe, but again…I don’t see what some peoples problems are with the current DC run.
Im having so much fun with 90% of the books.
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